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Your Vote Counts

Ontario's provincial election is on June 2nd, and we encourage all members who are eligible to exercise their right to vote.  If you have moved since the previous election, ensure your voter registration is up to date by May 23rd in order to receive your voter information card by mail.  There are three ways to vote.  Election Day (in person) ... Read more

2020-2023 PARO-OTH Collective Agreement

The 2020-2023 PARO-OTH Collective Agreement is now available. Don't have time to look through the full Collective Agreement? Check out our Top Contract Questions. Still have questions or can't find what you're looking for? Email us and our team will be happy to assist you. Read more

Put a Spring In Your Step!

Your local GC reps have continued to find fun and novel activities that residents can participate in virtually to relieve stress, build resilience, and meet your fellow residents. While the province's reopening means that there will be more opportunities to socialise in person, PARO is committed to providing an variety of virtual events for those who may not yet be... Read more

President’s Update

Sent on behalf of Dr. Carl White Ulysse, PARO President - March 22nd, 2022 I am writing to provide you with three important updates: your PARO dues; applying for the LMCC; and the extension of the Medical Resident Redeployment Program.  More Money in Your Pocket PARO is proud to be your representative voice and throughout the pandemic we have worked... Read more

Beat the March Blues!

Winter may not be completely over, but luckily, PARO has lots of ways for you to stay connected with your peers from the comfort of your own home. Your local GC reps have continued to find fun and novel activities that residents can participate in virtually to relieve stress, build resilience, and support one another during this exceptionally challenging time.... Read more

CFMS Unmatched Peer Mentorship Network

Call For Resident Participants Every year in anticipation of match day, the CFMS organizes a network of students, residents and faculty who have previously gone unmatched in preparation for pairing them with an unmatched student from the current year to provide them with advice and support. The CFMS is seeking Resident volunteers who previously went unmatched and who would be... Read more

Ontario Medical Student Mentorship Program: Call For Resident Mentors

Ontario Medical Student Mentorship Program: Call for Resident Mentors The Ontario Medical Students Association (OMSA) Mentorship Program aims to establish one-on-one relationships between Ontario medical students and physicians based on professional, clinical, and personal interests, with the goal being to provide direct support, encouragement, and mentorship that is specifically tailored to students’ goals. Many students specifically appreciate resident mentors, and... Read more

Resident Doctor’s Appreciation Week 2022

Dear Colleagues, This year, instead of celebrating Resident Doctors Awareness Week, we are simply celebrating and appreciating resident doctors. Given where we are, now two years into a global pandemic, we couldn’t possibly pack all the appreciation you deserve into a single week. Instead, we would like to let you know that we understand what you are going through and we... Read more

Financial Primer and Tax Tips – Updated for 2022!

Just in time for tax season, PARO has updated our Tax Tips for 2022, with assistance from our auditors Rosenswing McRae Thorpe LLP. We've also updated our Resident Financial Primer, which includes more detailed financial and tax information, as well as useful tools and links. Keep in mind that our financial resources are general in nature, and are not intended... Read more