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Electoral Group : Western RCPSC | Positions : 11 | Currently Running : 21

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Dr. Sukhmeet (Rohan) Sachal

PGY-2 | Western | Surgery-Plastic

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    I had a wonderful time attending many events hosted by PARO over the last year. However, I often noted a lack of surgical residents being present. One thing that I would like to do in this position is to have more inclusive events that cater towards various residents from all backgrounds. In addition, I would like help make the benefits for all trainees more transparent and easier to understand (that I did when I was in PGY-1). I look forward to the opportunity to work with this wonderful council to cater towards the residents at Western University.

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Dr. Karl Maxemous

PGY-3 | Western | Int.Med-General

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Karl Maxemous, and I am a third-year internal medicine resident at Western University. Originally from the GTA, I pursued my medical education in Ireland. Transitioning into PGY1 is daunting for everyone, especially for those moving to a new city. Having experienced this myself, I understand the significance of strong representation to ease this transition.

    As a current PARO GC representative, with my own experience from both PGY1 and PGY2, I have witnessed the power of passionate advocacy in making residents feel supported. If elected to continue in this role, I will leverage my leadership skills to ensure every resident's voice is heard and valued. I am committed to upholding integrity and transparency, keeping you informed and advocating for our collective and individual needs.

    My vision includes fostering a vibrant community through social gatherings and appreciation events. Over the past year, I have organized activities such as Board Game Night, Cafe Study Night, and Resident Appreciation Day, complete with free coffee for a FULL week. Additionally, my involvement in the Teach the Teacher initiative has provided valuable resources for educating junior learners through various workshops.

    I promise to address your concerns by bringing them to our GC meetings and ensuring transparent communication. As your GC representative, I aim to be a dependable advocate, dedicated to acting on your feedback. Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I look forward to connecting with you all soon!

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Dr. Kiro Hana

PGY-1 | Western | Int.Med-General

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    I am Kiro Hana, an Internal Medicine R1 who graduated from Queen's University Belfast, UK. I am excited to nominate myself for PARO's Western University General Council! My journey in medicine has been shaped by a commitment to leadership and advocacy and a passion for supporting my peers in their professional and academic endeavours.

    During medical school, I was honoured to serve as the president of the Canadian and American Students Association for two years. In this leadership role, I collaborated with colleagues to organize educational workshops such as MCCQE/USMLE and CaRMs/ERAS info talks, events for North American holidays, and a platform for North Americans to connect. As a result, I created a safe environment for North American students to achieve their academic goals, cultivate relationships, and feel at home.

    I was also on the Students for Kids International Projects Belfast Charity committee. As volunteer coordinator, I managed the engagement, recruitment, and training of 12 volunteers who participated in an educational needs assessment project for an elementary school in Malaysia. This experience allowed me to apply my organizational and leadership skills, ensuring that our project ran smoothly and made a meaningful impact on the community.

    My diverse experiences have equipped me with the skills and insights needed to contribute effectively to PARO's mission. I am passionate about advocating for the professional and educational concerns of Ontario's doctors in training. My goal is to optimize our training and working experiences, ensuring we can provide the highest quality care to our patients while simultaneously receiving the highest quality education. And yes, I also want to ensure residents have enough time to enjoy themselves outside of work—because every doctor should have time to remember what fun and sleep feel like!

    My experience in leadership, project coordination, and advocacy aligns seamlessly with PARO's vision. I am dedicated to representing and supporting my fellow residents, and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to our collective success!

    Thank you for considering my nomination.

    Kiro Hana

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Dr. Faramarz Jabbari-Zadeh

PGY-2 | Western | Int.Med-General

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Faramarz and I am one of the Internal Medicine PGY2s. I am excited to be running for the PARO GC! I believe that my experiences and passion for voicing the opinions of my co-residents would make me an effective member of the GC. Specifically, I wanted to highlight three of my pertinent attributes: leadership, advocacy, and commitment to transparent communication.

    As a GC member, it is important to be able to work collaboratively with other GC members, school administration, and faculty. Similarly, it is essential to have prior leadership experience to ensure that we can effectively advance resident interests. I have held several leadership roles in medical school and residency, including spearheading a pre-clerkship guide for incoming medical students, helping to organize a PGY1 boot camp for incoming Western Internal Medicine residents, and most recently, being part of a committee that is in charge of creating the Western Internal Medicine CTU schedule for the entire year. All of these experiences have required me to work productively with others and I am confident that they will serve me well in the GC.

    An equally important quality of a GC member is the ability to advocate for our co-residents. Throughout my time in Medicine, I have had a number of opportunities to advocate for my peers, such as creating the Medical Students Assisting Students mentorship program at McMaster, which is a mentorship program dedicated to helping undergraduate students from marginalized backgrounds who are applying to medical school. In medical school, I was also the representative for my clerkship stream as well as a committee member for one our pre-clerkship foundations. In these roles, I consistently voiced the concerns of my peers and strived to promote a welcoming and informative learning environment.

    Lastly, I will always communicate with my co-residents in a clear and transparent manner. This would mean having my email inbox open to any and all concerns, replying within 48 hours, creating polls to gauge resident opinions on various issues, and actively seeking out resident feedback on PARO initiatives.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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Dr. Anna Branch

PGY-3 | Western | Int.Med-Neurology

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    Hello all! I am a third-year Neurology resident running for re-election to the Western PARO General Council.

    Past PARO Experience
    •Transition to Residency Lead
    •Resident Relations and Mini Fellowship Committees

    •LHSC and St. Joseph’s Medical Advisory Committees

    Examples of my work through PARO
    1. Created a forum for communication between residents and LHSC administration about the electronic medical record (EMR, including Powerchart and FirstNet).
    •This had not previously existed, despite residents being one of the main users of the EMR.
    •This forum allowed me to provide the resident viewpoint on proposed changes and advocate for adjustments to improve our experience. For example, convincing the administration to provide residents access to Dynamic Documentation, making creating notes much more efficient.
    •Because of my work in this area, I have now been named an official Resident Ambassador for the phase II updates to our EMR, a brand-new position created to supplement the existing Physician Ambassadors.

    2. Ensured resident representation and input at focus groups planning a new Patient Safety Reporting tool to replace AEMS.

    3. Successfully advocated to extend the Safe Ride Home program (providing free cab rides home post-call) from a one-way to a two-way program.

    4. Organized multiple successful events to help with resident wellness and collegiality, including pet therapy, a PGY1 orientation picnic, apple picking, and mini putting.

    My primary objective moving forward is to advocate for resident input into changes at LHSC, which is often lacking due to the transitory nature of residency and our lack of dedicated time or renumeration for administrative work.

    Working with PARO has been one of the highlights of my residency thus far. As one of only a few returning PARO members this past year, I hope to be a resource for new PARO representatives and ensure continuing momentum on existing initiatives. I also hope to be a source of support for all of you for any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding our residency experience.

    Thank you for your support.

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Dr. Jin Jeon

PGY-1 | Western | Physical Medicine and Rehab.

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    Hello everyone, my name is Jin Jeon and I am hoping to represent my Western colleagues for PARO. Overall, I want to advocate for the wellness of our residents and be a person who is accessible and available to answer any questions regarding PARO.

    Prior to residency, I was at the Windsor campus for Western Medicine and took on the role of being the Windsor Community and Charity Liaison. During this time, I planned and executed several charity events during a busy clerkship year which helped my colleagues take a mental break from their clinical duties while giving back to the community. Furthermore, I took on educational positions involving the PM&R interest group as well as being a clinical anatomy teaching assistant. Reflecting on my time in medical school, one aspect that brought me a lot of joy was in providing my peers with information and opportunities they would potentially forget about given their busy schedules. I want to continue that initiative in residency and I believe being a part of PARO is a great opportunity.

    I have been fortunate enough to become a PM&R resident here at Western and I believe I will be able to provide some unique perspectives to PARO given it is a relatively smaller department. I am also going to be the wellness representative for our PM&R resident body in the upcoming year and this will complement my desire in prioritizing wellness as a PARO member.

    A little about me: I grew up in Richmond Hill and went to Western for undergrad. I also worked at Starbucks for a year before medical school. Outside of medicine, I enjoy both watching and playing sports and I’m trying my best to learn more of the guitar!

    Thank you for considering me,


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Dr. Shaun Hanycz

PGY-2 | Western | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Shaun Hanycz. I am a PGY-2 internal medicine resident at Western University, and I am excited to run for PARO General Council. I believe that my leadership experiences have equipped me to be a strong advocate for my co-residents and an effective member of the General Council.

    Mentorship, advocacy, and collaboration are fundamental attributes of an effective PARO General Council Representative. My unique leadership experiences in various professional capacities have equipped me with the knowledge and fresh perspectives required to serve our diverse resident cohort effectively. As an active member of the residency community, I have witnessed the profound impact of effective mentorship firsthand. For example, I have consistently promoted education by designing and creating modules for residents and medical students. Most recently, I helped organize the PGY-1 internal medicine boot camp that aimed to ease the transition for incoming residents. Moreover, as a former national/international swimmer, I appreciate the important role of mentorship and collaboration in contributing to individual and collective success.

    As a PARO General Council representative, my goal is to foster a vibrant and collaborative residency community with events tailored to our diverse cohort, such as art therapy workshops, cooking classes, and promoting wellness with physical activity. Most importantly, as a representative of residents, I am eager to listen to your input on how we can improve our community. I will provide an open inbox for any inquiries or suggestions that pertain to individuals or our community as a whole.

    I am excited to have the opportunity to serve as a member of the PARO General Council. I believe that collaboration, advocacy, and mentorship are key to our community’s growth. I will strive to address your concerns with honesty and transparency, and outline any concerns at General Council meetings. I believe that my experiences make me well-suited for this role. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

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Dr. Zainab Mansoor

PGY-1 | Western | Int.Med-General

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    Hey folks!

    My name is Zainab Mansoor, I’m a first year Internal Medicine resident. I’m excited to be running for Western’s PARO General Council! I grew up in the UK, completed medical school in the Czech Republic, and moved to Canada in the past year - I’m no stranger to new experiences at this point!

    My goal is to be someone who is approachable, easy to talk to, and a strong advocate for you. My past experiences in medical school, such as being Group Representative and Student Support guide, really helped me realise the impact advocacy and effective communication can have (as well as the power of a curated email that is sent multiple times). I also have experience in organising educational workshops for medical students, catering to a wide variety of learning styles, as well as social get togethers.

    This year I aim to make a positive impact for all of us, in collaboration with fellow council members, and set up social and educational events that are inclusive and beneficial. Freshly wading through the first month of residency and also hearing from my co-residents what challenges they’ve navigated, I have some ideas about what sort of bootcamps and educational supports would be useful. I would also love to hear and take on feedback from you about what you would like to better support your education and wellness. I truly believe to do well professionally it’s important to have a good work-life balance. I hope to plan, organise, and execute events that will instil a community spirit, provide another support network, and allow you to rest, recuperate and recharge.

    Thank you for taking the time out to read this and for your consideration - I appreciate it!

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Dr. Milad Hamwi

PGY-2 | Western | Diagnostic Radiology

  • Bio
    I am passionate about advocating for the best interests of Western’s skilled and caring residents.

    I look forward to working with all other specialties with the goal of fulfilling the needs and aspirations of each of our members.

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Dr. Grace Yin

PGY-1 | Western | Ophthalmology

  • Bio
    I'm running for PARO because I'm passionate about resident wellness, representation, and ensuring that our experiences in residency are as incredible as they can possibly be. I hope to channel my experiences in advocacy, strategic planning, and community building to help systematically set us up for success. During my bachelor's degree, I served as the sole representative of 18,000+ undergraduate students on the university Senate where one of my proudest achievements was the establishment of 2 policies that ensure more equitable admission requirements which take into account the diverse life experiences and perspectives of all applicants. In medical school, my time on the CFMS governance committee gave me opportunities to practice bringing forward views and concerns of medical students to the board. My role as student representative on the Canadian Medical School Accreditation Board also gave me ample experience advocating for medical student and residents' interests behind the scenes, to the CMA, AFMC, the Royal College, and CFPC, throughout many challenges in our training caused by the pandemic. I understand how stressful and daunting residency can be, and care deeply about doing everything within my power to ensure that every resident feels supported and can readily access the resources we need to truly thrive. I promise to work hard to make sure that every one of our voices can be heard, and hope that you might feel comfortable coming to me with anything you need. Thank you for considering me for one of your representatives this year!

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Dr. Kat Xiong

PGY-3 | Western | Int.Med-Neurology

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    Hello fellow residents!

    My name is Kat, and I am a third-year neurology resident running for PARO GC this year. Over the past two years, like all of us, I’ve felt the unique pressures of our demanding profession. These experiences have fueled my determination to support our residents through PARO in achieving a fulfilling work-life experience during what otherwise can be an endless marathon of doom and gloom.

    Some of the events/activities I’ve organized for my own residency program over the last two years include rock climbing, hiking, board game nights, paint nights, and gag awards for the graduating residents within our program (yes, I’ll admit, I stole the last idea from psych). As we know, social connection is the furosemide to our burnout-CHF, and I’m eager to bring the same dedication (and some fun experiences) to our Western residents.

    I aim to create a welcoming environment within PARO to help new and current residents feel safe, empower residents to ask for help when needed, and advocate alongside our residents. I believe in fostering a culture of transparency, teamwork, and standing up for what’s right.

    Thank you for reading my bio, and hope everyone has a good start to the year! 😊

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Dr. Jason Chung

PGY-1 | Western | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hi all, my name is Jason and I am excited to campaign for the PARO General Council. I completed my undergrad at McMaster and medical school at Toronto, and I’ve had to opportunity to serve a financial role in various student advocacy initiatives and student government bodies.

    Managing finances is daunting - especially if you have limited experience after completing years of education without a meaningful source of income (like myself!). By the virtue of all residents in Ontario being paid a pre-determined salary negotiated by PARO, we all share similarities in finances. As a GC member, I would propose compiling a list of tips, tricks and FAQs that would be relevant for tackling finances. Here are some things I’d like to share:

    1)ALL residents with student loans (NSLSC) are eligible for 12 months of interest-only payments ON TOP of the standard 6-month non-repayment period after graduation. However, this is not available on the website and must be inquired

    2)*Financial institution dependent* If you have <$60,000 of NSLSC loans AND no other significant debts* you may be eligible for an increase of your LOC to i) 400,000 if in RC program or ii) 375,000 if in a family program

    3)We may not be keen on opening accounts such as a FHSA/RRSP/TFSA as we don’t plan on contributing to them during residency. However, FHSAs only have carry-forward (can retroactively contribute) if you previously had the account open. TLDR: Open a FHSA now, even if you don’t contribute, as it will grant you up to $8,000 carry-over tax deductions later

    4)There are accounting firms that offer FREE tax basic returns services for residents

    5)Lululemon. Submit your resident paystub + hospital ID on their website for 15% off

    6)Costco. Submit a Western OneCard to the studentbeans website to get a $120 gift card when you purchase an exec Costco membership (effectively making the membership free)

    Everything above has been summarized for brevity but please reach out and I can clarify any questions.
    If you found this helpful, please consider me for one of your representatives this year and I will collaborate with my fellow GCs to provide a comprehensive guide to finances for residents.


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Dr. Christopher Mcchesney

PGY-2 | Western | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Chris McChesney, and I am an Internal Medicine PGY-2 resident here at Western. I am super excited to announce my candidacy for the PARO General Council! In the past, I have served in various roles as a student advocate, including being the VP Mississauga in my Undergraduate Medical Society. These experiences equipped me with the skills needed to effectively represent your interests and advocate on your behalf to PARO. If elected, my commitment to you as a member of the PARO General Council is transparency, accountability, and fearless advocacy.

    During my tenure as VP Mississauga, I successfully advocated for the inclusion of Mississauga medical students in extracurricular events that were often inaccessible due to location and commuting barriers, eventually spearheading the creation of inclusion by-laws for all medical students in Toronto. I collaborated with Faculty Leadership to address critical issues such as the transition to remote learning and COVID-19 vaccinations for students. I consistently gathered anonymous feedback to ensure accurate and accountable representation of student interests. Additionally, I organized wellness challenges, social holiday parties, and career exploration events to foster a supportive learning environment.
    As a representative on the PARO General Council, I have three key goals:

    1.Establishing safe, open lines of communication between residents and their General Council Representatives through tools such as anonymous Google Forms and polls to enable your Representatives to effectively integrate your interests into actionable advocacy plans.

    2.Organizing and promoting events designed to build connections among residents, including London walking tours, wellness challenges with prizes, and workshops/seminars focusing on the financial aspects of medicine, such as billing.

    3.Maintaining candid, transparent communication and accessibility to all residents at Western. I am committed to providing honest and open dialogue, and my door, phone, and email are always open for discussions.

    Thank you for considering my candidacy. I am eager to represent your interests on the PARO General Council!

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Dr. Zaki Alhashimalsayed

PGY-4 | Western | Int.Med-Gastroenterology

  • Bio
    As a dedicated PGY4 gastroenterology resident at Western University and former internal medicine resident at McMaster, I have experienced the diverse challenges and opportunities that residency presents. I am running for the PARO General Council to advocate fiercely for our rights, well-being, and professional growth.

    With a proven track record in medical innovation, including a patented device and award-winning research, I bring a proactive, solution-oriented mindset to the table. My commitment to humility, teamwork, and clinical excellence drives my approach to leadership.

    Now, here’s a fun fact: I’m offering a free colonoscopy without sedation for every resident—just kidding! But seriously, I’m all about clear communication and unwavering support for my fellow residents. Together, we can tackle issues like work-life balance, mental health, and better educational resources.

    Let’s work together to build a stronger, more supportive community for Ontario’s residents. Your concerns are my priority, and I am ready to fight for the changes we need.

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Dr. Priyanka Singh

PGY-2 | Western | Anaesthesia

  • Bio
    Hey everyone,

    My name is Priyanka and I’m a PGY-2 anesthesia resident. I was lucky enough to represent residents at Western on PARO last year as a general council member, and it would be my honor to serve you again this coming year.

    During my time on general council, I used my personal experience as a resident in addition to listening to feedback from my colleagues to advocate for issues that were most important to improving the everyday residency experience. I have an undergraduate degree in business, and I leveraged this to help inform advocacy efforts on financial decisions that affected medical trainees.

    Moreover, I had the opportunity to sit on committees such as the residency relations committee, and provided leadership with input from residents across faculties when making decisions that would impact our working conditions. From advocating for better housing options in our distributed sites to ensuring call room access for each resident who would need it, I was able to ensure that the resident voice was heard and prioritized by medical affairs at both LHSC and St Joseph’s hospital.

    As a returning representative, I believe my experience on the general council will be an asset not only in welcoming new members to the team, but also in furthering our goals to ensuring the resident voice at Western is heard, not only on committees at LHSC but also at a provincial level. I am committed to sharing information that impacts our work conditions as residents, listening to feedback from each and every single resident I have the opportunity to meet, and tirelessly working towards making a positive change in our training programs.

    I am running again for a position on the PARO general council because I am passionate about improving the resident experience and ensuring that the views of all residents are elevated and considered when making decisions that affect our training. I will be sure to advocate for our best interests and will strive to build a supportive community that collectively and positively shapes the future of medicine.

    Thank you for your consideration!


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Dr. Salman Surangiwala

PGY-3 | Western | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hello everyone,

    I'm Salman Surangiwala, currently a PGY3 in Internal Medicine at Western. I am delighted to have the opportunity to run for PARO General Council once again. Residency is a challenging time in our careers, and as your GC Representative, my focus remains on supporting a smooth transition into residency, advocating for fair treatment and compensation, and enhancing resident wellness.

    Over the past year, I have helped organize resident-centric initiatives such as Resident Appreciation Week and board game nights. Additionally, I have actively represented residents at systemic levels, serving on resident appeals and awards committees. I am committed to promoting diversity and ensuring all voices are heard. In the past I have not shied away from advocating directly to the PARO Governing Board on behalf of minority groups to reform discriminatory policies.

    In addition to organizing activities to bolster resident wellness, my priorities this year are to alleviate the stress of on-call duties by: 1) collaborating with allied health staff to minimize non-urgent overnight pages, 2) working with Medical Affairs to maintain clean and organized call rooms, including addressing fridge cleanliness, and 3) securing sufficient funding from PARO for improvements in call area facilities. Amid financial pressures, I will ensure resident salary and fair on-call compensation remain top priorities for PARO.

    Transparency and responsiveness are my guiding principles, and I pledge to represent your interests faithfully on the General Council.

    Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with each of you.



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Dr. Maisoon Yousif

PGY-2 | Western | Obstetrics/Gynecology

  • Bio
    My name is Maisoon and I’m a PGY2 ObGyn resident. As an OG Londoner, I left for Halifax for med school and am now back for my second year of residency at Western.

    I am also a Black, Sudanese immigrant, Muslim woman. These identities have moulded me into someone who deeply appreciates nuance and the experiences of those around me. My life experience has shaped my core values of existing in the world with kindness, authenticity and seeking justice.

    I am passionate about advocating on behalf of those in need and creating systemic and institutional positive change. I’ve done this as part of the team that introduced the Ontario Medical School Application Fee Waiver for low SES applicants, co-founded the Black Medical Students’ Association at my medical school, and now working to understand and support the experiences of residents and medical students with work accommodations.

    I was a PARO representative in PGY1 and hope to continue this in PGY2. I see the good PARO has done for resident rights and well-being - I aim to represent you by being an approachable and reliable colleague for Western residents. No issue is too small or too large to be addressed. As a surgical resident, I also offer a perspective of surgical trainees. It would be a privilege to represent you and your interests on PARO General Council and to work toward optimal training and optimal work conditions for residents.

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Dr. Arjan Ahluwalia

PGY-1 | Western | Int.Med-Neurology

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Arjan Ahluwalia, and I am a PGY-1 Neurology resident at Western University. I’m excited to be running for Western’s PARO General Council!

    My prior experiences as the President in Global Health initiatives during medical school has given me strong advocacy skills, which I believe makes me a strong candidate for GC. As a member of the GC, I'm excited to represent the needs of our residents, making sure your voices are heard and your concerns are addressed effectively.

    My primary goal is to enhance resident wellness by implementing comprehensive support systems that address both mental and physical health. During medical school, I successfully organized and developed recreational basketball and football events, fostering a sense of community, and promoting wellness among students. I plan to bring similar initiatives to our group, introducing a range of recreational activities such as sport events, fitness challenges, as well as mindfulness. These activities will give us all a chance to unwind, have fun, and socialize across different specialties. Plus, I'll advocate for more accessible mental health resources and a resident mentorship program to build a supportive community. By prioritizing wellness, we can create a healthier, more resilient resident workforce.

    Furthermore, I am committed to playing a proactive role in student representation and financial advocacy. I will work diligently to ensure transparent communication between residents and PARO leadership, facilitating an open dialogue where concerns can be raised and addressed promptly. To support our residents financially (currently and in our extremely long future), I will push for the expansion of financial literacy programs that equips us with foundational knowledge of finances. By focusing on these areas, we can empower residents to thrive both personally and professionally, ultimately enhancing the quality of care they provide!

    I intend to use my experiences to maintain this momentum and continue to enact meaningful change that improves our collective residency experience. Thank you all for your time!

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Dr. Hoomam Homsi

PGY-2 | Western | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hello everyone!

    My name is Hoomam Homsi, and I am a PGY2 in Internal Medicine at Western University. I am excited to be running for the PARO General Council and representing your interests. My leadership experiences in student committees, medical education, and mentorship have prepared me to be a strong advocate for my co-residents and a productive contributor to the General Council.

    I enjoy bringing people together, which is crucial for fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. As part of the Social and Support Committee, I organized events that facilitated networking and built relationships among staff and residents. These events have been instrumental in creating a sense of community and support among colleagues. Additionally, as a Journal Club organizer for our PGY1 cohort, I facilitated several journal clubs where residents could discuss emerging medical literature in a relaxed but educational setting over dinner. This experience reinforced my belief in the importance of creating opportunities for residents to connect and engage with each other outside of the clinical environment.

    I have also been involved in advocacy through mentorship and medical education initiatives. As a mentor throughout undergrad and medical school, I helped juniors transition into their new educational careers. During medical school, I contributed to initiatives such as creating a clerkship guide and hosting a workshop on patient presentations for junior medical students. Notably, as a resident, I led the organization of the first-year internal medicine bootcamp, introducing incoming residents to high-yield IM topics and how to navigate the EMR.

    I am committed to continuing these efforts and advocating for residents’ education and wellness. As a member of the PARO General Council, I will work hard to ensure that all residents have the support and resources they need to succeed and thrive during their training at Western University.

    One of the main reasons I chose to do my residency at Western was its strong social fabric and collegial culture. I am eager to continue growing that culture as a member of the General Council. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

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Dr. Merit Kirolos

PGY-2 | Western | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Merit and I’m a PGY2 in Internal Medicine. I’m really excited about the opportunity to represent my fellow residents as one of the PARO GC Reps here in Western and hope that you will consider electing me!

    Advocating for my colleagues has always been a big passion of mine. During medical school, I was elected as both the year representative and the Student Government President, both of which were positions that helped me be innovative and make changes on a departmental level. During my first year of residency, I have been involved in various mentorship and advocacy initiatives with the goal of ensuring better supports for residents within the department. These opportunities have allowed me to develop skills that make me easily approachable and accessible, which I believe to be crucial in this role. In these positions, I’ve also prioritized advocating for my colleagues from both an academic and a wellness standpoint. I hope to continue to bring that same experience to you all here at Western.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you will consider providing me with your support!

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Dr. Chuce Xing

PGY-2 | Western | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hi everyone, my name is Bella and I am a PGY2 IM Resident!

    Residency is tough! From day-to-day pressures, long hours, and Friday/Sunday call, work-life balance is hard to maintain! I want to be an advocate for my peers, ensuring our voices are heard and our needs addressed effectively within the residency system. I am committed to initiatives that promote resident wellness, mental health support, and professional development, striving to create a more supportive and balanced environment for all residents.

    I am a VERY social person and enjoy connecting with people. This is great for building a cohesive and supportive residency community. By engaging with others on a personal level, I can better grasp our concerns, aspirations, and priorities, thereby represent us better!

    My past leadership experiences have equipped me with the skills necessary to effectively advocate and lead within the PARO framework. Whether leading teams in academic settings, organizing social events, or serving in volunteer capacities, I have honed my abilities in communication, organization, and problem-solving all of which would be helpful navigating within PARO.

    As a PARO representative, I envision myself as a proactive and responsive advocate, dedicated to a culture of transparency, fairness, and fun within residency programs. I am committed to representing the voices of my peers, ensuring that their concerns regarding work-life balance, educational opportunities, and workplace conditions are effectively communicated and addressed.

    In conclusion, I feel I have a great balance of social and advocacy skills that would make me suitable for this position!