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Electoral Group : Western CFPC | Positions : 4 | Currently Running : 9

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Dr. Menas Awad

PGY-1 | Western | Family Medicine

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    I am honored to nominate myself, Menas Awad, for a position on the PARO Council. As an international medical graduate currently in my first year of family medicine residency at [Hospital/Institution], I am deeply committed to enhancing the residency experience for all trainees and contributing to the continuous improvement of our healthcare system.

    Throughout my first year, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse patient population and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. This experience has not only sharpened my clinical skills but also highlighted the importance of effective communication, teamwork, and advocacy in providing high-quality patient care.

    My journey as an international medical graduate has equipped me with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by residents, particularly those who are adapting to a new healthcare system. I am passionate about representing the diverse voices of residents and advocating for policies that support their professional and personal development.

    In addition to my clinical duties, I have actively sought out leadership opportunities. I have participated in departmental meetings, contributed to case discussions, and volunteered with medical students educational sessions. My collaborative spirit and eagerness to mentor junior residents and medical students have positively impacted and enhanced my leadership skills.

    I am committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all residents. As a member of the PARO Council, I would work tirelessly to ensure that residents' concerns are heard and addressed. I would advocate for initiatives that promote work-life balance, mental health support, and professional development opportunities.

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Dr. Reham Mansour

PGY-1 | Western | Family Medicine

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Reham, and I am a FM PG1 resident at Western. I am super excited to apply for PARO GC! Here is some information about myself.

    Over the past seven years, I had the privilege of working with the United Nations in one of the most medically underserved areas in the world. This experience honed my problem-solving and innovation skills and cultivated a deep commitment to improving health care systems. My work involved not only providing primary care but also integrating mental health services into primary health care, underscoring the importance of mental well-being in achieving our goals and maintaining productivity.

    Since moving to Canada and continuing my journey as a family medicine resident, I have remained dedicated to supporting my colleagues and finding innovative solutions to enhance our residency system. I believe that a PARO General Council position is a meaningful way to contribute to resident life. By sharing ideas that represent the diverse experiences and perspectives of all members, I am confident that we can collectively improve the resident experience.

    At PARO, I am excited to be part of a legacy that impacts residents today and prepares future residents for success. I am particularly drawn to the collaborative and inclusive approach that PARO embodies. Building on past successes, continuously improving, and developing strong, solutions-oriented teams align perfectly with my values and professional experiences.

    Outside of my medical career, I have a deep passion for cooking and enjoy the creativity and relaxation it brings. I find great joy in experimenting with new recipes and sharing meals with friends and family. Social life is important to me, and I love connecting with others through various activities and events. I’m always eager to learn new skills, whether it’s trying out a new hobby, exploring different cultures and cuisines, or engaging in drawing and organizing drawing social nights. I believe in maintaining a diverse range of social events that cater to everyone’s interests, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity.



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Dr. Arjan Dhoot

PGY-2 | Western | Family Medicine

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm Arjan, a PGY2 family medicine resident at Western University in the Urban Stream, and I am excited to run for re-election for the PARO General Council. Over the past year, I have had the privilege of representing our collective voice and bringing positive changes to our residency experience. We have achieved significant successes, including securing more pay and benefits for residents, and I am committed to continuing this momentum.

    Family medicine residency comes with unique challenges that require tailored support. If re-elected to the PARO General Council, I will tackle these challenges head-on. One of my priorities will be advocating for enhanced mentorship programs that pair senior residents with juniors, creating a supportive environment where we can learn and grow together. Additionally, I will push for more opportunities for procedural training and exposure to diverse patient populations, ensuring that we receive a comprehensive education that prepares us for our future careers.

    Accountability and transparency are crucial for effective representation. I will ensure that your concerns and ideas are communicated to the General Council with the utmost diligence and sincerity. Building upon the open-door policy in our family medicine program, I will actively seek feedback from all residents to address the important issues in our community. I have represented your views in various committee meetings, ensuring that our voices are heard in key decision-making processes.

    In conclusion, I humbly ask for your support and vote. Let's shape a future where our family medicine residency experience at Western University becomes truly exceptional. With your trust, I will continue to bring our shared vision to the PARO General Council and work tirelessly to address our unique challenges and foster collaboration. Together, let's make a meaningful impact on our residency and ensure that future family medicine residents benefit from the improvements we initiate today.

    Thank you for your support!

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Dr. Michael Multan

PGY-1 | Western | Family Medicine

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    My name is Mike and I am a first year Family Medicine resident at the St. Joes site.

    I am a transfer applicant coming from the University of British Columbia's Diagnostic and Molecular Pathology (previously called Anatomical Pathology) residency program, PGY-4. I have a strong passion for medical education, quality improvement, and physician wellness.

    I completed medical school in Calgary and over the years have been involved in various leadership and teaching roles including: chief resident - pathology, postgraduate education internal program reviewer (vascular surgery, pediatrics), small-group teaching, MD program MMI assessor. Prior to medicine I began training as a physician assistant at McMaster University. It would be an honor to represent and advocate for my fellow family medicine resident colleagues on PARO.

    As future family physicians we are uniquely tasked to absorb a very broad body of knowledge and it is important that our academic and available training experiences accommodate this. Our residents come with unique backgrounds and personal circumstances that can and often make residency challenging beyond academics. This is why I also believe the resident voice is important to advocate for fair work hours, physician wellness, and issues arising from administration and compensation issues.

    I hope to bring my unique training experiences across various institutions to inform this role and to seek direct feedback from my fellow residents to bring our concerns directly to those who can make change happen. Thank you for consideration.

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Dr. Vaishnavi Marath Valappil

PGY-1 | Western | Family Medicine

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    Dear Friends,

    I’m Vaishnavi Marath, and I’m a Family Medicine resident at London urban stream. I’m deeply committed to making our residency journey more enriching and supportive for everyone.

    I’ve seen the power of community and creativity in supporting residents. Outside of medicine, I’m a trained classical dancer. I also draw portraits and find it fulfilling to capture people on my canvas. Traveling is another passion of mine; exploring new places and cultures has enriched my perspective and fueled my creativity. My adorable puppy, Maple, often joins me on my adventures and brings joy to my life.

    PARO has done incredible work in advocating for residents’ rights, promoting wellness, and ensuring we have a supportive environment to thrive in. They’ve been a beacon of support, addressing issues like work-life balance, mental health, and professional development. If elected to PARO, my door will always be open. Whether you’re dealing with stress, facing academic challenges, or just need someone to talk to, I’ll be there to listen and support you. I’m passionate about creating a welcoming and approachable environment where every resident feels heard and valued. I’m excited to introduce the “Resident Creativity Corner.” This initiative will provide a platform where residents can showcase their artistic talents—whether it's painting, writing, music, or any other creative pursuits. It will be a space for us to unwind, express ourselves, and connect with each other beyond our medical roles.

    Thank you for considering my candidacy for the PARO General Council. Let’s work together to build on PARO’s great work and make our residency experience even more vibrant, creative, and connected!


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Dr. Mohmeet Brar

PGY-1 | Western | Family Medicine

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    My name is Mohmeet Brar, PGY1 Resident at Western at the Rural Site. I am also the Chief Resident in Family Medicine at Western. Previously I was the IMG Representative in the Western Family Medicine Resident Council.

    Throughout my life and residency training, I have actively engaged in various leadership roles and initiatives aimed at enhancing the educational experience and professional development of my peers.

    Here are some highlights of my qualifications and experiences that I believe align well with the requirements of the role:

    Leadership Experience: While working as an IMG Representative, I was part of the team which was instrumental in holding the first Resident led Town hall for the newly matched residents. That was held keeping in mind the difficulties new residents face with onboarding and moving to a new site.

    I was also instrumental in compiling a document highlighting all the particulates of various sites with Western Family Medicine Program.

    This experience has equipped me with the ability to represent the interests of my colleagues while working collaboratively with faculty and administration to address issues and implement positive changes.
    Advocacy and Support: I am deeply passionate about advocating for the well-being of residents and fostering a culture of support and mentorship within our resident community. I am eager to collaborate with all my fellow residents to implement new educational initiatives that meet the evolving needs of our training program.

    Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: I believe in the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment that celebrates the unique backgrounds and perspectives of all residents. I would like equal and active participation of residents, be it a rural or an urban site to work together and foster a healthy work culture.
    To conclude, I am confident that my leadership skills, and commitment to resident well-being make me a strong candidate for the PARO General Council. I am eager to bring my energy, creativity, and dedication to this role and work collaboratively with other residents to uphold the highest standards of excellence in patient care and medical education.

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Dr. Lanujan Kaneswaran

PGY-3 | Western | Family Medicine-Emergency

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    Hi Co-Residents!

    I'm Lanu, a PGY3 CCFP-EM fellow based in Windsor looking to represent you as one of PARO’s General Council Members for Western's Family Medicine program.

    I have previously represented University of Toronto's FM residents as their PARO GC Representative for the past 2 years. During this time, I represented Toronto residents on the Medicine Faculty Council where I reviewed and granted final approval for academic reports and recommendations relating to a broad range of academic activities including UGME, PGME, Board of Examiners, Appeals, Continuing Education, and research. I have also represented residents on the Hospital University Education Committee where I advised the University of Toronto's Dean of the Faculty of Medicine to enhance the partnership between the Faculty of Medicine and its affiliated teaching hospitals.

    I am all too familiar with the challenges of Family Medicine training, especially after completing my core FM residency. That is why as your future PARO General Council Member, I am prepared to:

    1) Advocate for fair salary raises commensurate to inflation and cost-of-living, insurance and other PARO agreements;

    2) Have the tough conversations and fight for real, sustainable resident wellness, like accommodations for protected admin time, and virtual academic half days;

    3) Coordinate resident-centered seminars to help the transition between the various areas of life we come from, especially in the first and last 3 months of residency;

    4) Host protected inter-site workshops to share the educational strengths of the various sites, as each site has its own unique patient populations and accompanying salient and practical teaching points based on their demographics;

    5) Host inter-site socials to further enhance resident connections and explore personal interests and hobbies.

    I hope you’ll consider electing me as your representative to work alongside the other Council Members in these endeavours. I wish to pay forward the kindness and generosity already shared with me by my co-residents and those to come.

    Thank you,


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Dr. Suffia Malik

PGY-1 | Western | Family Medicine

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    My name is Suffia and I’m a PGY1 in Family Medicine in Strathroy. I did medical school at Queens and I love playing the NYTimes Strands and winning StepUp challenges. I’m running for PARO General Council and here are the principles that would guide me as your representative:

    1.Residents should be supported and properly compensated for our work:

    Residents are a key resource in a healthcare team. Our working conditions should facilitate wellness and help us do our jobs better. One way I will do this is by advocating for improved call room conditions and securing funding for call room enhancement. I will also gather your feedback about how you can best be supported in clinical and teaching settings and advocate for your compensation priorities at the General Council.

    2.Residents should understand and be able to rely on their PARO contract:

    For new and seasoned residents alike, the PARO contract can seem daunting. It’s an important agreement though and can provide you with many benefits and protections as you continue in residency. My goal as your PARO representative is to be a reliable and knowledgeable source for questions and concerns about your PARO contract. I want to help you understand your vacation days, seek help for extenuating circumstances, and help you reap those sweet insurance benefits.

    3.Residents from across Western should be able to form strong networks with their peers:

    With the amount of time residents spend in clinical duties, it can be hard to make friends and de-stress. Residents from regional and rural sites have the added challenge of living/working far from the main university campus. As your GC rep, I want to host events that suit a diverse set of interests and help residents across sites stay connected. I will ensure regional priorities and the diversity of our program are represented at GC.

    I hope you will consider me as one of your representatives for the PARO General Council. Thank you so much!


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Dr. Melika Farshidianfar

PGY-1 | Western | Family Medicine

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    Greetings, Fellow Residents!

    My name is Melika Farshidianfar, (just call me Melika) and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the PARO General Council. Allow me to share a bit about my background and my vision for our community.

    I am currently a PGY1 family medicine resident at Western University, based at Regional West, Mt Brydges. Here’s a snapshot of my experience and aspirations:

    •Educational and Professional Background: I graduated from medical school in Iran, where I was actively involved in the General Council during the last two years of my studies. My primary focus was on wellness for students, creating a safe environment where they could learn without the stress of extra-long shift hours, admin work and concerns about the value of their work. This experience inspired me, especially seeing what PARO has achieved over the years. Additionally, I recently completed my Master of Public Health with a focus on health policy making. This program equipped me with the skills to gain insights, start ideas, and implement changes in a realistic and evidence-based manner.

    •Community and Collaboration: I believe in the power of community and the importance of collaboration. As a PARO General Council representative, I will prioritize creating an inclusive environment where every resident’s voice is heard. I will work tirelessly to represent your views and concerns at the General Council and the Board, ensuring that our collective needs are addressed.

    •Personal Interests: Outside of my professional life, I enjoy swimming, playing tennis, dancing Zumba, board games, and of course, watching movies. I believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and staying active and engaged in activities that bring joy and relaxation.

    •Why I’m Running: My commitment to the medical community drives me to seek this role. I am eager to bring fresh ideas, energy, and a proactive approach to the PARO General Council. Together, we can create a supportive, dynamic, and thriving environment for all residents.

    Thank you for considering my nomination. I am excited about the possibility of serving you and making a positive impact on our residency experience.

    Warm regards,