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Electoral Group : Toronto Surgery | Positions : 1 | Currently Running : 2

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Dr. May-Anh Nguyen

PGY-5 | Toronto | Surgery-General

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    Hello Toronto Surgery Residents Extraordinaire!

    I had the huge pleasure of representing us on PARO this past year and would be honoured to do it again. I know first hand how gruelling (but also incredibly rewarding) surgical residency is - my priority is to ensure that your concerns are heard and acted upon, especially regarding burnout and wellness.

    My leadership experience stems from valuable lessons I have learned inside and outside of my MBA program. I have learned a lot while serving on the PGME Expansion Committee and Residency Wellness Committee in addition to the General Surgery Residency Program Committee for the past 4 years. Through this, I have acted as the resident lead for our recently successful internal and external reviews. I hope to continue serving you on PARO to make the residency experience better for the future generations of surgeons!

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Dr. Lauren Lin

PGY-1 | Toronto | Surgery-Urology

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    Hi everyone! I'm Lauren, a first-year Urology resident. I'm running for PARO General Council with the hopes to help surgical residents understand their PARO contract and benefits, as well as to advocate for residents who have limited time.

    To make use of preexisting policies that benefit residents, residents need to know what these policies are. Not only do I commit to being a valuable resource for any questions and to update you all on council meetings, but I also want to implement new onboarding events and written materials to help residents feel as confident as they can starting residency.

    There has been increasing attention to wellness in medicine recently, especially in surgical programs. Being a resident more than 2 years into a pandemic that highlights systemic issues, with financial stressors like record high inflation rates, it can feel that we are faced with many challenges that we don't have time to address. I would love the opportunity to bring forward your thoughts and concerns to PARO, and also find ways to advocate for changes that address issues brought up. Nothing is too big or too small.

    I was a clerkship representative in medical school, so I feel comfortable with gathering and presenting feedback and questions, and coming up with both temporary and more long-term solutions. I also sat on the student advisory group in medical school, where I spearheaded specific initiatives designed to provide mental health resources to students, as well as advocated for program policies that remove barriers to students taking care of themselves (e.g. being able to go to appointments, flexibility in taking time off). This is work that I am deeply passionate about and feel energized doing, and so I will be very dedicated in this role.

    I hope that with your help, I can have the opportunity to represent you on the PARO General Council and be both a resource and a powerful liaison. I would be grateful to be involved in efforts to make your time in residency less stressful. Thanks for your consideration!