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Electoral Group : Toronto Surgery | Positions : 5 | Currently Running : 6

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Dr. Calandra Li

PGY-2 | Toronto | Surgery-Plastic

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    My name is Calandra Li and I’m a PGY2 Plastic Surgery Resident. I love the Raptors & Blue Jays, going to the movies, and sharing my love for Hakka-Chinese food with others.

    Last year, I had the privilege of being part of this amazing team on PARO as one of five Surgery Reps. Our group of PARO surgical residents was able to launch a new working group, dedicated to discussing various surgery-resident specific issues such as duty hours, patient safety, and resident wellness. I hope to continue these important conversations this upcoming academic year and carry forward any comments, concerns, or ideas that you may have.

    I know that residency is hard, but I believe it doesn’t have to be mean or lonely. My hope is to help build a resident community that looks out for one another and empowers each of us to voice our vision of the future, together.

    Thank you so much for your consideration – I hope to join this awesome team again as one of your PARO Toronto Surgery Reps.

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Dr. Declan Ross

PGY-2 | Toronto | Surgery-Orthopaedic-CIP

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    I am Declan Ross, a PGY-2 Orthopaedic Surgery resident, and I am running to be a Surgery General Council Representative with PARO. Throughout my residency, I have been dedicated not only to honing my surgical skills but also to understanding and addressing the challenges that we, as residents, face daily.

    Residency is an incredibly demanding period, and I have seen firsthand the systemic issues that contribute to its difficulty. I am currently part of a working group focused on understanding the specific issues that surgical residents experience. Our goal is to improve resident well-being, enhance patient safety, and maintain a strong educational environment. Through this work, I have gained valuable insights into the unique pressures and obstacles we encounter, and I am committed to advocating for changes that will achieve these goals. As your representative, I will continue this work to improve the lives of surgical residents.

    As your representative, I will bring this knowledge and passion to PARO, striving to create a more supportive, sustainable, and educational environment for all residents. I am passionate about making a positive impact and believe that together, we can bring about the necessary changes to improve our residency experience.

    Thank you for considering my nomination.

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Dr. Danielle Arshinoff

PGY-3 | Toronto | Surgery-General

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    My name is Danielle Arshinoff and I am one of the PGY3 General Surgery residents. I was one of your surgery PARO representatives last year. I am running again this year to be your PARO Surgery General Council Representative. During residency, residents face countless obstacles and challenges with difficult working conditions. I am passionate about the quality of care delivered to patients inside and outside the operating room as well as resident wellbeing. Being a dedicated and exceptional resident requires residents to have reasonable work hours and a safe supportive working environment.

    Over my years in residency, I have experienced first hand the systemic issues that combine to be very demanding on residents. These issues include but are not limited to: long working hours, difficulty with taking post call /lieu days, pager fatigue, lack of nutritious food on call, high volume demands, and lack of resources. I am currently a part of a PARO team that is investigating these systemic issues to help determine ways to improve and bring to light issues that need urgent action. The goal of this working group is to improve surgical resident wellness but also to highlight patient safety concerns. While residency is demanding, we need to protect the wellness of our exceptional colleagues. This past year working with PARO I have gained invaluable insights and will continue working to improve surgical resident well being.

    Over the next year, I will work hard to further improve the surgical resident experience. Burnout is common in residency but a more sustainable and supportive leaning environment should be in place. Please feel comfortable emailing me your experiences and concerns. No one should feel alone during residency in dealing with these hardships. We can address these difficulties together to create a supportive environment of respect and mutual understanding. We will tackle these obstacles together to improve resident wellbeing and make a positive longstanding impact for current and future surgical residents.

    Thank you for your consideration in this election.

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Dr. Khadija Haris

PGY-2 | Toronto | Surgery-General

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am Khadija Haris, PGY2 General Surgery at the University of Toronto. It is my utmost privilege to nominate myself for Surgery General Council Representative with PARO for 2024. I am an immigrant, philanthropist, and a natural peer advocate.

    Before getting into residency, I worked in various healthcare roles in multiple provinces in Canada while involving myself in various QI projects on systemic levels and personal levels. My work has allowed me to look at situations with a broader mindset and think of solutions outside the box as needed. After one year into general surgery residency, I was able to identify many areas of improvement and am looking for a platform such as PARO to advocate for fellow residents.

    I strongly believe in humanity and kindness and I will be honoured to share my passion as a representative at PARO. Thank you so much for considering my nomination and I am looking forward to serving you all as one of PARO surgery representatives.


    Khadija Haris

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Dr. Kimberley Lam Tin Cheung

PGY-5 | Toronto | Surgery-General

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kimberley Lam and I am a PGY5 general surgery resident. It would be my honour to represent you again as a Toronto Surgery GC representative.

    Residency, especially surgical residency, is difficult. The hours are long, the demands are high and, at times, the work feels under-appreciated. It can be isolating and discouraging. It is not appropriate, nor safe, to leave post-call at 4pm after a sleepless night. The work you do caring for patients is crucial, you are appreciated, and you have a voice. Let me bring your concerns to the board and strive for change!

    Last year, our team made great strides pushing for changes. We formed a Toronto Surgery special working group to begin audits for violations of call policies. This year, I will focus on carrying forward this project: gathering data, presenting our case and pushing for tangible policy changes.

    Additional projects I hope to work on this year relate to the practical aspects of our job. I aim to work on initiatives for call room improvements, funded post-call taxi chips, meal stipends and subsidies for parking at our multiple different hospital sites.

    As this is my final year of residency, I have had the opportunity to experience the different levels of training (junior, senior, chief), and the associated challenges with each stage. I am reflective of my, and my colleagues, experiences, and I am vocal in sharing these perspectives at council meetings. I would love to hear from you and be your advocate. Please reach out, we are here for each other.
    Thank you for your consideration,

    Kimberley Lam

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Dr. Sheharzad Mahmood

PGY-2 | Toronto | Surgery-General

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Sheharzad (Sherry) and I am a General Surgery PGY2 running to be one of your 2024 General Council reps. Originally from Alberta, over the past year it has been a challenging yet rewarding journey starting residency in Toronto and meeting so many incredible peers. I believe in diverse leadership and advocacy experiences that I look forward to contributing to the PARO General Council as I now have a better understanding of the residency experience in Ontario and the unique challenges that surgical residents face.

    I have previously served on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students where I gained the skills of effectively advocating for the diverse needs of a large student body and participating in several portfolios. I have then been able to apply these skills in surgical organizations such as the Association of Women Surgeons, Canadian Global Surgery Trainees’ Alliance, and UpSurge. I believe the unique background of experiences I bring with the focus of centering equity will be a valuable addition to PARO.

    As a General Council member, I hope to create space for grassroot efforts of resident-driven initiatives targeting interests such as in wellness, medical education, or mentorship. As wellness continues to be a main priority for surgical residents, I would be interested in developing a tool to better and more accurately capture data from the province to optimize the excellent continued efforts of PARO to address these serious issues. I also believe by doing a mapping survey and compiling what resources are already accessible to residents from their individual surgical organizations, we can better identify what gaps remain to fill. In these ways, I hope to contribute to supporting surgical residents from all specialties and all programs in Ontario.

    Thank you so much for your consideration! Please feel free to reach out to me with any further questions and ideas.