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Electoral Group : Toronto Radiology | Positions : 1 | Currently Running : 2

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Dr. Natalia Obrecht

PGY-3 | Toronto | Diagnostic Radiology

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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Natalia and I am a PGY3 Radiology resident. I am excited for the opportunity to represent the University of Toronto Diagnostic Radiology Residency program as the PARO General Council Representative. I am privileged to be part of a group of such wonderful residents, and would be honored to act as a representative for the Radiology Residency program.

    I am a former registered nurse turned radiology resident and a mother of two amazing girls and one sweet dog. In my free time I love to travel with my family, camp, run and paddle board. I am constantly balancing the demands of my residency training and home life and know that I am not alone in this struggle.

    I believe that as residents we are met with numerous challenges. We have challenges at work, with long hours, high-stress environments, and rigorous academic demands. We also have many unique challenges at home including taking care of ourselves and of our loved ones. These challenges are not static and ebb and flow as we grow in our professional and personal lives. In order to meet all these demands we require support not only professionally but in all facets of our lives.

    I love being a member of our Radiology Residency program and working with such a diverse group of individuals. We all bring different perspectives, skills, and strengths. These unique perspectives also mean we face different challenges at different times throughout our training. As the PARO General Council Representative, I will provide a listening ear to hear the unique concerns and challenges of my colleagues, while also acting as a voice to take these concerns and work to bring awareness and solutions.

    I feel fortunate to be able to learn and draw form the strength of my colleagues. I would love an opportunity to give back to my colleagues and further strengthen our amazing program by acting as their voice in the PARO General Council.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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Dr. Graham Kasper

PGY-4 | Toronto | Diagnostic Radiology

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    It would be a privilege to be the Toronto Radiology PARO General Council Representative for the 2024-2025 academic year. Throughout residency I have been committed to representing and advocating for my co-residents and program. I am currently a member of the residency program committee in my capacity as secretary of the RPC's EDI subcommittee, and have served on the RPC as the PGY1 representative in 2021. I also serve on the Department wide EDI committee and have been heavily involved in drafting UofT Medical Imaging's first ever EDI needs assessment. This year, I have also volunteered to act as an internal reviewer for a non-radiology UofT PGME residency program as they undergo accreditation preparation. I value being able to contribute to residency life in these roles, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of our training and working environment, while forging positive relationships with the faculty and staff we work beside. I also wish to ensure the success of more junior residents and future residents to come, and I believe wholeheartedly an active union and council representative are keys to that success. As your General Council Rep, I would ensure the voices, ideas, and concerns of my co-residents are heard, that initiatives and union goals discussed at council are shared amongst my peers, and that my co-residents are supported in all matters related to our collective agreement. I will be a visible and approachable council member, and I am excited to take on this challenge.