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Electoral Group : Toronto Psychiatry | Positions : 4 | Currently Running : 2

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Dr. David Wiercigroch

PGY-1 | Toronto | Psychiatry

  • Bio
    Hi everyone,

    I am a PGY-1 in Psychiatry and hoping to be a PARO representative. The need for resident advocacy and representation is more important than ever considering increasing demands during the COVID-19 pandemic and the collective fatigue and burnout that our community faces moving forward.

    My experience:
    1. Peer Support and Advocacy: I have previously served as the National Officer of Health Policy with the Canadian Federation for Medical Students through which I led a national committee which supported peers across the country in developing position papers around topics of interest. I have also advocated as a representative on the clerkship committee to better standardize clinical hours across sites and improve study resources.
    2. Policy Expertise: I have a Master of Public Administration (focusing on health policy) and previous experience working as a policy analyst in the federal government. I want to leverage these skills to help others make sense of the PARO contract and ensure rights are upheld. I also want to advocate for changes to policies that promote resident wellness.
    3. Leadership Experience: I have served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame and on a national AFMC committee. In these roles I have collected input from peers and advocated for their needs at senior administrative levels.

    My ideas:
    1. Develop infographics and checklists to help residents efficiently navigate different types of information on the PARO website.
    2. Compile general and specialty-specific advice for residents by stages of training to optimize vacation and professional days, and other entitlements/benefits.
    3. Be an accessible and supportive resource by answering questions, problem solving in unique situations and helping identify appropriate channels for assistance.

    I hope that my ideas for the role will contribute to making PARO a more accessible and supportive organization. Thanks for considering!

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Dr. Vincent Tang

PGY-1 | Toronto | Psychiatry

  • Bio
    Hi everyone! My name is Vincent and I’m a PGY1 in Psychiatry. I’m very excited to run to be on the PARO General Council to represent and advocate for our program’s residents’ interests!

    As an executive member on the Psychiatry Residents’ Association of Toronto (PRAT), I’ll have the opportunity and privilege to have my finger on the pulse of the mood of psychiatry residents across cohorts and feed forward that feedback to PARO as appropriate.

    From answering any questions you might have about our contract and PARO policies to advocating for our interests at council, I am committed to being a resource to enhance the residency experience of all of our residents. I know that our ~wellness ~, physical, and mental wellbeing go beyond mandatory wellness lectures to the more practical matters of our careers, from post-call days to vacation days to our salaries to call stipends, and I want to ensure that everyone feels supported to access these resources for the duration of your residency training (and perhaps even find ways to enhance these benefits!).

    I also have a strong passion for social justice, which flavours the approach I take to my roles. I’m committed to using my role at PARO to not only fulfill my responsibilities, but also to continue to advocate for our underrepresented trainees, and our resident body as a whole.

    Thanks so much for considering me for a seat on the PARO General Council!