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Dr. Ariel Gershon

PGY-3 | Toronto | Pathology-Anatomical

  • Bio

    I have been your PARO representative for the past 2 years. It would be my privilege to serve as your PARO representative again this year.

    I have become familiar with the PARO brand and processes and I am well prepared to advocate for you in the upcoming year.
    Here are some highlights of previous work I have done with PARO:
    - When pathology residents were redeployed (early on in COVID) to work in the lab overnight, I worked with the program to make sure that we were able to be paid call stipends appropriately.
    - I made sure your concerns around MCCQE2 were heard and appropriate action could be taken.
    - I sat on committees to help define redeployment (and contributed to vacation being prioritized).
    - I welcomed all incoming PGY-1 residents in a Toronto-wide social.

    - I promoted the resident’s role as a teacher by delivering a record number of PARO educational workshops this past year to programs across Ontario.

    Throughout my term as your PARO representative it was my privilege to answer your questions about the contract. I hope to continue to advocate for your learning conditions and making sure that you feel confident in your ability to be great pathologists.
    Thank you for taking the time to vote!