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Electoral Group : Toronto Paeds | Positions : 3 | Currently Running : 4

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Dr. Simonne Horwitz

PGY-4 | Toronto | Paediatrics

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    Hi everyone, my name is Simonne and I’m a Peds PGY4 resident. I’ve been a PARO rep for the past two years and am excited about the opportunity to represent your interests on the PARO general council again this year!

    Before medical school, I received my JD MBA and worked as a corporate and commercial lawyer for five years. I’m passionate about building on my legal background to continuously improve the resident experience, starting with our PARO contract. My aim is to also draw on the collaboration and advocacy skills I’ve gained through my roles on various volunteer boards and committees, including as one of the Peds PGME Committee Representatives over the past three years.

    I’m proud that, through my involvement with PARO over the last two years, I was able to help negotiate a new agreement for a PGY3 night float call model, ensure the available resident call rooms fulfill the contractual requirements, and improve the program’s responses to time off requests on inpatient ward blocks. If re-elected to the PARO general council, I hope to continue to advocate for a transition away from 24 hour call throughout the program and continue to encourage more of a culture of adherence to the PARO agreement within our program. I’ve also been working on improving the PGY2 night float call model and the processes around obtaining ECGs overnight and would love to finish those projects. Finally, I’m committed to continuing to be available to answer questions about the PARO contract and support residents as concerns arise.

    I would love to continue my involvement with PARO and to leverage my prior experiences to work towards these goals and represent your interests. I hope that I’ve been an approachable and supportive representative who is comfortable standing up for resident rights in order to encourage positive change and improve the overall residency experience and plan to continue to do so if re-elected. Thank you for your consideration!

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Dr. Ariel Gershon

PGY-2 | Toronto | Medical Genetics

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    Hello everyone! I am Ariel. I am a PGY-3 in Medical Genetics, and I am hoping to represent you on the PARO General counsel this year.

    It has been my privilege to serve on PARO for the past 5 years. I started my residency journey in Pathology, had some parental leaves, and transferred to Genetics. Throughout my time on PARO I have served on GC and the board, and I’ve learned how to effectively work on this inspiring team of resident advocates.

    My background and previous successes:

    1. When I served on the Board of Directors 3 years ago, I sat on the Restricted Registration Committee, which oversees the process of residents voluntarily working additional shifts in a less supervised environment for additional pay.
    2. I have worked on increasing resident access to the Teaching to Teach workshop
    3. I have worked on making parking in downtown Toronto hospitals more accessible (and cheaper)

    If elected, I will also focus my efforts on optimizing your training environment. In particular, my goals are to:

    1. Increase uptake of restricted registration (allowing residents to choose to work more and earn more money)
    2. Mitigate the negative impacts of competency by design (CBD). I would like to work directly with residents, program directors, administrators, and the RDOC survey data to make the EPA process less taxing and time consuming.
    If I am elected, I promise to make myself accessible and I will be open to your concerns and suggestions. I commit to be driven by a love of medicine, to build solutions, and to be positive and accessible to you.

    Being a PARO representative has been a highlight of my residency experience. It would be my privilege to continue my work advocating for residents.

    - Ariel

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Dr. Benjamin Martinez

PGY-2 | Toronto | Paediatrics

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    Hi everyone! My name is Ben, and I’m a PGY2 in the Paediatrics program at the University of Toronto. I’m excited to be applying for a position on the PARO General Council because I am passionate about the prospect of advocating for our resident community and working to improve our collective experience.

    I’ve really appreciated my residency experience and the support of our program, though at times other residents and I have struggled with the challenges of working within a system that may not align perfectly with our well-being and personal growth.

    I’ve had multiple roles that have equipped me with the skills to succeed in this position, including four years on the University of Toronto medical student council as the Paediatrics Clerkship Representative and Portfolio (reflective medicine) Representative. Through gathering feedback, I was able to contribute to curriculum changes and the adjustment of grading schemes to create a safer space for students to share their learning experiences. Additionally, as a Student Advisor with Aquifer (a medical education learning platform used in the majority of MD programs in the US), I was able to make an impact on the financial accessibility of learning resources. I highly value fostering an environment that promotes personal well-being and want to ensure residents are advocated for and have access to the information that optimizes their learning experience.

    Our residency experience is being impacted by quite a bit of change, including the shift to a four-year Competence By Design curriculum as well as the physical restructuring of our hospital. I believe this change creates an opportunity for the implementation of improved residency conditions. I hope to build upon the significant efforts of those who have created change, such as in our PGY3 and PGY2 call structures, and aim to further improve multiple aspects of our experience, including our call room environment and program adherence to policies pertaining to vacation and personal day requests.

    In this role, I will prioritize being accessible and ensuring your concerns are heard and acted upon. Thank you for your consideration!


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Dr. Mostafa Saquib

PGY-1 | Toronto | Paediatrics

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    Hi everyone, I'm Mostafa, a PGY-1 in pediatrics and I'd like to be one of your representatives for General Council. Resident wellness is something that's very important to all of us, and I think our collective involvement in PARO is critical to furthering this cause. While residency may be something that is always a challenge no matter how you slice it, certain supports can go a long way towards helping us manage. Advocating for fair compensation and reducing the burden of call are some key areas that I would like to explore. As a new PARO member I would like to firstly benefit from learning about the past advocacy efforts and experience of senior members to gain context, and then work on finding innovative ways to improve.

    Prior to residency at UofT I did my medical school at McGill, an undergrad and master's in Nanoengineering at Waterloo, and also co-founded a medical device startup company. With significant exposure to other professional disciplines, I feel that there is much work to be done to better harmonize the working conditions within medicine with those in other disciplines. We all come into medicine with service towards patients at the core of our hearts, and it is a true tragedy when poor working conditions lead us to fall short of this goal.