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Dr. Shannon Willmott

PGY-4 | Toronto | Paediatrics

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    Hi friends,

    For those of you who don’t know me, I’m one of the PGY4’s and I’m excited to be running to represent you on PARO General Council this year! I have had the pleasure of representing the paediatrics program for the past three years on PARO and have taken on more responsibility within the organization as Toronto Site Chair in my second year, and a PARO Board member in my third year. In these roles, I have acted as a liaison at a variety of U of T PGME and provincial committees, been a part of contract negotiations, call room and lounge reviews across the city, planned a variety of social events for Toronto residents, and, most importantly, ensured that paediatrics residents have the most up-to-date information about your contract.

    As your GC representative, I will bring all of this experience to the role. I will always make myself available for any questions about call stipends, vacation and time away from rotation, benefits, and whatever else you may be wondering about. If I don’t already have the answer to your question based on my three years of experience, I will find it quickly. And of course, if ever you need an help with tricky contract issues, I’m here to help you navigate those conversations. I will keep you guys informed of any new changes or interesting discussions that may affect our training. Finally, as always, I promise to advocate for your best interests!

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Shannon Willmott