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Electoral Group : Toronto Internal Medicine | Positions : 10 | Currently Running : 2

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Dr. Christopher Olesovsky

PGY-2 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    My name is Chris Olesovsky and I am a second year Internal Medicine resident at the University of Toronto. This year has been challenging on many fronts for residents. We have had to be flexible and adaptable in order to help support hospitals in these unprecedented times. Over the course of this year, I have come to realize the importance of PARO and the need for a strong advocacy network focused on residents. From work led by PARO, major changes were implemented with respect to the LMCC, resident wellness and pandemic pay. These changes can dramatically impact the life of a resident; giving them more energy to focus on their clinical responsibilities and continued development as physicians.

    If selected as a member of the PARO General Council, my primary focus would be on promoting resident wellbeing while aiming to ease some of the burdens felt by residents. Residency is a challenging time and without strong advocates for residents, it is easy for the status quo to carry on. As a hopeful representative of the General Council, I would listen to the concerns voiced by fellow residents and identify areas for improvement. One of my focuses would be on streamlining residency training modules and hospital onboarding across Toronto sites in order to improve efficiency and save residents valuable time. Throughout medical school, I was fortunate to work in a leadership position within the University of Toronto International Health Program. Through this program we developed numerous advocacy initiatives aimed at marginalized populations. This experience helped me develop my voice and learn how to bring attention to pertinent issues to ultimately promote action. I would welcome the opportunity to represent you as one of the members on the PARO General Council.

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Dr. Brandon Christensen

PGY-3 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    Hey Everyone! I am one of the PGY3s in the internal medicine program seeking re-election to PARO General council. Over my two previous terms on PARO I have been a diligent representative attending 100% of both general council and local meetings. Through this role I have been involved in call room audits at UHN and Mount Sinai to ensure they meet the stringent PARO contract requirements. Furthermore, at Sunnybrook I helped identify and resolve the broken air conditioning in on-call suite, thus ensuring all residents enjoy a comfortable on-call experience :).

    In addition to my work on PARO, I have represented the internal medicine residents at the RPC for the last year and advanced numerous causes including the establishment of a weekly academic half day for the PGY2s, reduction in academic presentations during the third wave of COVID19, and ensured all internal medicine PGY3s have protected time off before the Royal College exam.

    With the program undergoing numerous changes in the coming year, including the implementation of the GIM-redesign, I plan to ensure the program meets its obligations outlined in the letter of understanding with PARO. Additionally, I hope to continue my work with residents one-on-one to address individual issues and assist with escalation as necessary.

    Thank you so much for your consideration!