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Electoral Group : Toronto Internal Medicine | Positions : 9 | Currently Running : 9

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Dr. Judy Truong

PGY-5 | Toronto | Int.Med-Haematology

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Judy Truong. I am a PGY5 Hematology Resident and previously did my Internal Medicine training in Toronto. I am hoping to represent you as one of the PARO's General Council Members. As you may know, I am passionate about advocating for residents and improving wellness.

    As your previous PARO representative, I have been involved many aspects of residency training, particularly around wellness. I led initiatives such as the Sweat and Tonic fitness classes for PARO Mental Health Awareness as well as the pottery classes at the Gardiner Museum. I hope to be elected to continue planning social activities for our residency group to improve the ties in our community and wellness! :)

    Also I have been involved in several initiatives during the past few years. As part of the Department of Medicine Educational Executive Committee, I provided resident input with regards to the educational goals of the department. On the Academic Half Day subcommittee, we advocated for all years to have weekly protected AHDs, including self-study time (or wellness time).

    Thank you for your consideration!


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Dr. Max Jiang

PGY-1 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    Hello there! My name is Max, a R1 based at Sunnybrook. I am excited by the prospect of advancing residents’ interests as a PARO representative. I believe I can advocate for you effectively for three reasons:

    First, I take pride in acting as an authentic channel between constituents and decision-makers, having had the good fortune of representing student voices at the local, provincial and national levels in many prior occasions. These experiences have taught me how to navigate constructive disagreements, a handy skill when it comes to negotiating with PARO's institutional interlocutors. As the de facto union for residents, I realize that PARO’s position may not always align with that of the Teaching Hospitals or the Ministry of Health. I will not hesitate to ask hard questions while upholding the values of collegiality and respectfulness.

    Second, I take an academic and personal interest in health policy, having written opinion-editorials for national newspapers and scientific journals, as well as policy statements for the CFMS. I believe my skills in parsing legal documents and navigating governmental labyrinths would prove useful for a PARO rep, especially for monitoring compliance of the PARO Collective Agreement or liaising with academic or governmental entities.

    Most importantly, I am accessible. I check my email at least once every several minutes (a habit that would otherwise have debatable utility). I will respond to your emails promptly and follow up on your proposals longitudinally. While there may not always be an easy answer to your question, I will get back to you!

    Thank you so much for your consideration,



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Dr. Maham Rehman

PGY-1 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    My name is Maham, and I am a PGY1 in core internal medicine based at Toronto Western Hospital. I am excited to run for the position of a PARO General Council Member. My passion lies in learner-led, and learner centered advocacy.

    I previously served as the Vice President of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization (EDID) at the Ontario Medical Student Association (OMSA) from 2023-2024. During my undergraduate medical education, I advocated for learners particularly on enhancing EDID. My work included organizing an annual EDID conference with OMSA, implementing financial grants to support EDID research, and collaborating with community partners on advocacy initiatives such as OR sterilization policy for learners with religious headwear at McMaster University. With this experience, I am eager to continue my advocacy efforts as a PARO General Council Member.

    I aim to enhance the inclusivity of our curriculum by emphasizing EDID topics. I hope to continue to build upon existing EDID Academic Half Day curricula. For example, at the undergraduate medical education level I have worked on incorporating a dermatology curriculum that features diverse skin tones and clinical presentations to improve diagnostic accuracy. I believe such initiatives should be part of our AHD Curriculum.

    From an advocacy perspective, I plan to collaborate with fellow council members and resident learners to identify and address key advocacy priorities at the postgraduate level. This includes engaging with government partners on broader health policy discussions, such as physician financial planning and addressing the primary care shortage. Additionally, I aim to collaborate with university partners to ensure that accommodation policies are clearly communicated, equitably implemented, and tailored to meet learners' needs.

    Wellness is a crucial aspect of the postgraduate experience. I am enthusiastic about organizing various wellness and social events for residents, such as fitness classes and arts and crafts activities, to foster a strong sense of community and friendship.

    Thank you for considering me as one of your PARO General Council Members.


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Dr. Lotus Alphonsus

PGY-1 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m Lotus, an R1 at St. Michael’s Hospital running to be your PARO GC representative! As a nontraditional student and public speaker, I have had extensive experience in advocacy, stakeholder collaboration and policy development both in Canada and internationally. I’ve held many leadership positions on unions, boards of national organizations and federal taskforces where my roles included ensuring that underrepresented voices were heard. As medical residents we are not covered by the same worker’s rights as most people, this makes collaborating with PARO vital for ensuring that we work in an environment that is safe, anti-oppressive and conducive to learning.

    Advocacy has always been a large part of my life; I’ve worked with medical and nursing schools across Canada to improve inclusivity by integrating often overlooked topics in the curriculum such as refugee health and sexual assault. I’ve also published policy papers on various health equity topics and worked on a national level to help pass bills through the Canadian senate on public health issues such as gun violence. In these leadership positions I’ve often had to have difficult conversations to negotiate with stakeholders to enact change.

    In my previous role as a sexual assault nurse examiner and counsellor, I handled many sensitive situations that required confidential and trauma informed care. Wellness is a topic that is very important to me, and I hope to continue to lead initiatives focused on the mental and physical health of residents. My approach is to always put learners first. I hope to engage with you to identify our key priorities and meet our diverse needs. This can be anything from improving the diversity of our curriculum and organizing wellness events to addressing large scale healthcare issues in Ontario. I am always available and hope to support you during this journey.

    Outside of residency, I work as a tattoo artist and have organized large scale music and sporting events. As a proud Torontonian, I enjoy sharing my love for the city and introducing people to my favorite spots. I look forward to connecting with you all!

    Thank you for your consideration.


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Dr. Daniel Teitelbaum

PGY-2 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Daniel Teitelbaum, and I am a PGY2 Internal Medicine Resident at the University of Toronto. It is my privilege to run to represent you as one of PARO’s General Council Members.

    I have had extensive experience representing learners throughout my academic journey including during graduate school and medical school, and now hope to continue to do so in residency. My goal is to ensure that any concerns you may have are represented and heard.

    As the internal medicine clerkship representative in medical school, I advocated student concerns to faculty at regular clerkship educational committee meetings. Here I was able to bring forth concerns including call structure, ratio of service to learning, and access to appropriate supports as needed. Our advocacy efforts helped move the final clerkship exam two weeks back to optimize learning on the wards, and learner wellness. If elected, I will bring the skills of being available, hearing your concerns, and working to bring them forward to achieve equitable solutions as a PARO GC member.

    Thank you so much for your consideration!


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Dr. Julianah Oguntala

PGY-1 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    Dear Fellow PARO Members,

    My name is Julianah Oguntala, and I am a PGY-1 based at St. Michael’s Hospital. It would be an honour to represent you as a PARO General Council Member. Leaning on the three pillars of the PARO Strategic Plan, my goal is to advocate for optimal training, optimal working conditions, and optimal transitions for all residents. Having served on and led organizations that represent the interests of medical students, such as being the Chair of the Black Medical Students’ Association of Canada (BMSAC), I aim to leverage these experiences to ensure the voice and concerns of every resident are heard.

    As Chair of the BMSAC, one of my largest projects was evaluating the progress of all Canadian Faculties of Medicine in addressing our 2020 calls to action with respect to curriculum, wellness, and accountability. Findings from this evaluation are now being utilized to push for changes with respect to inclusion and equity at all institutional levels. This experience has taught me how to navigate difficult conversations and provide constructive criticism on previously under-regarded topics. Residency is a unique period in our training and all residents should feel supported in all areas. As a PARO GC representative, I will aim to ensure that feedback brought forward by members and changes recommended by PARO are heard and implemented in our program, be it curricular changes, AHD suggestions or other areas.

    When it comes to the wellness, duty hours, and compensation of residents, while tremendous progress has been made, there is much work to be done. Listening closely to the ideas and priorities of residents, I will push for a re-evaluation of our duty hours to positively affect our wellness and fairer compensation to better reflect our contributions to healthcare.

    Finally, finding and/or building community is instrumental to maintaining one’s wellness. Having championed the creation of a tight-knit community for the BMSAC and planning one of our largest Annual General Meetings, I hope to create a similar community amongst residents through both large and small group social events.

    Thank you very much for your consideration.


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Dr. Alicja Prawdzic Senkowska

PGY-2 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    Hi everyone! My name is Alicja and I'm a PGY-2 Internal Medicine resident, currently based at Mount Sinai Hospital. I am excited to be running for PARO General Council to represent you this year.

    I'm originally from Poland, where I graduated from medical school. During this time, I was involved in the Polish Residents' Association, where I advocated for increased funding for health care, improved working conditions for residents, and increased salaries. My input led to the passage of a new law that resulted in a 16% pay increase for residents and a limit on work hours.

    As an IMG, I have a deep understanding of the challenges of transitioning to residency. I am passionate about supporting new residents on this journey and have been involved in several mentorship programs. I am confident that PARO will allow me to continue to grow as a mentor and advocate for my peers.

    As a PARO General Council representative, I will strive to ensure the support and well-being of residents, and promote a sense of community. During my first year of residency, I felt that I did not have enough opportunities to bond with my fellow residents. Understandably, with our busy schedules, it was challenging to take on grassroots initiatives. I really enjoyed the activities organized by PARO, which gave me a sense of community. However, more often than not, tickets for these events sold out very quickly. To me, this indicates that residents have a real need for more social and wellness events. If elected, I look forward to fostering fun initiatives such as outdoor activities, art workshops, board game nights, and concert nights. Back in Europe, I led hiking and kayaking expeditions for a student outdoor club and among my friends.

    I look forward to representing and advocating for our resident community!

    Thanks for your kind consideration.

    Alicja Senkowska

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Dr. Meng-Chiao (Angela) Tsai

PGY-2 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Angela Tsai, a PGY-2 at St. Mike’s this year, and I would like to represent you as a PARO General Council Member. I am passionate about leadership and advocating for my fellow residents. Understanding the challenges of navigating and progressing through the Internal Medicine program, I am committed to promoting wellness and fostering a fair and positive training environment for all residents. Having received amazing support from PARO in the past year, I am eager to give back.

    Over my PGY-1 year, I have been actively involved in the Global Health Initiative, learning about health advocacy opportunities in our society and moderating the Global Health Conference. I also completed the Diversity Mentorship Program, gaining insights into the impact of diversity, discrimination, and social inequalities on our community. While I was studying at Dalhousie University for medical school, I served on the Student Council, acting as the representative for multiple academic blocks and facilitating communication between faculty and students. Additionally, I led the Internal Medicine Interest Group for 2 years, organizing engaging and educational events for medical students. These experiences have equipped me with the skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for us and enhance our training environment.

    I am a strong defender against mistreatment and injustice faced by healthcare professionals in clinical settings. I have written several editorial and reflective articles to various universities on improving our working conditions and wellness, including advocating for reasonable hours, fair compensation, and workplace safety. I am dedicated to protecting our rights and ensuring our interests are prioritized.

    I hope to have the opportunity to support and advocate for you in the coming year. Thank you for considering me as your representative. Please feel free to reach out anytime!



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Dr. Veronica Chan

PGY-1 | Toronto | Int.Med-General

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Veronica, and I am a PGY1 IM Resident based at St. Michael’s Hospital. I hope to represent you as one of the PARO’s General Council Members. Since high school, I have been involved in student government, always passionate about improving the learner experience. I will listen to your concerns and advocate to ensure our working conditions allow us to thrive academically and mentally.

    As the Aesculapian Society’s VP Community Health in medical school, overseeing and managing 50 interest groups pertaining to medical specialties, personal and career development, and community service opportunities. This was during a time where COVID prevented students from doing observerships, which were one of the main ways of career exploration. As such, I worked on a medical specialty and mentorship resource hub to equip medical students with knowledge, resources, advice, and mentor contacts from different medical specialties. This demonstrates my ability to listen to your concerns and take action. I hope to have the opportunity to be your voice to fill in gaps within our training as needed.

    As the Student Wellness Committee Co-Chair in medical school, I organized events to facilitate mental, physical, and occupational wellness. This included mental health open mic nights, establishing funds to subsidize mental health training such as the Mental Health First Aid Course, and other fun activities to shake off the stress. I hope to be able to work together with you all to identify wellness concerns and understand how to improve this. Together, I hope that we can have fun and support each other throughout residency.

    Another one of the passions that I think will strengthen our community is social accountability work. It’s important to reflect on common practices in place to address inequities will allow for improved equity, diversity, and inclusion. For example, during my time in student government, I implemented the Anti-Oppression Training for all student leaders to help promote a safe and inclusive environment. I hope to work together with you all to make residency a safe and inclusive workplace.

    Thank you for reading and considering me!

    Veronica :)