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Electoral Group : Toronto CFPC | Positions : 7 | Currently Running : 11

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Dr. Fadi Bahodi

PGY-2 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi everyone, super nice to meet you! My name is Fadi, and I'm excited to run for the PARO General Council for the upcoming year.

    A little about me: I've been passionate about education for over 10 years, particularly in the realm of open-access education. My journey has involved collaborating with non-profits to create resources and support students and learners in every way possible. Whether it’s small-scale projects or ambitious endeavors, I have a deep love for everything education-related.

    I’m running for PARO because I want to support the incredible residents who drive our medical community. My focus will be on making educational opportunities fair, easy to understand, and accessible for all. I aim to be a reachable representative who can drive change and make a tangible and realistic difference that you can see and feel every day. I plan to be quick, agile, and always ready to listen to your ideas or concerns.

    Outside of work, I’m an avid runner—like, really avid! I run around 100km a week along the Toronto waterfront, soaking in the breeze whenever I can. In May, I completed my longest run yet, a 100km ultra-marathon. It was a ~wild experience—fun in theory, though maybe not so much in practice! Otherwise, you can find me growing my never-ending collection of all things chocolate flavoured.

    I’m thrilled at the prospect of meeting you all over the next year and being an active, fun team player in our community. Let’s work together to make a real difference and keep things running smoothly (as you can tell, I really do love running)!

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Dr. Zara Uddin

PGY-1 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Zara, and I'm a PGY1 Family Medicine resident eager to be one of your PARO General Council representatives for the 2024-2025 year! To share a bit about myself, I love cats, memes, and chocolate. I consider my cat my brother, and I aspire to be a cat lady.

    I'm passionate about wellness and have been involved in a lot of advocacy work in this area, including starting a wellness club at my medical school, Western University. Residency can be very stressful, and my top priority will be to improve this by advocating for a limit on work hours per week and advocating for more protected independent study time. Additionally, I will organize social events for residents to relax and have fun, and I will collaborate with hospital sites to enhance resident lounges. To promote social cohesion, I will organize a customized merchandise sale.

    I am approachable and always ready to listen to your concerns. I will be open to emails, messages, and in-person conversations to understand what you need from PARO, and I will convey this important information to the council. Furthermore, I will set up an anonymous online form that will always be accessible for you to voice your thoughts. I am committed to communicating relevant information to you in an accessible manner and will be available to answer any questions you have about your rights and benefits as a resident.

    I am organized, reliable, and respectful. My time management skills have been a strength throughout my career, and I am confident that I will be an effective representative. I have a history of hard work and leadership, including starting a nonprofit organization, and I have received numerous awards for my leadership and community involvement, including the prestigious Abeera Shahid Student Recognition Award from OMSA. Additionally, others describe me as kind-hearted, generous, and empathetic.

    If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. Feel free to email me at zara.a.uddin@gmail.com. I'm ready to support you. :)

    Thank you for taking the time to read my statement, and I hope you will elect me as your representative.


    Zara Uddin

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Dr. Connie Li

PGY-2 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi family medicine co-residents!

    My name is Connie and I am a PGY-2 at Scarborough Health Network (SHN). It has been an exciting year on PARO and I hope to continue to represent your voices.

    Some highlights from 2023–2024:

    1. Transition into Residency: We ran a successful month of orientation sessions to welcome IMGs to U of T. Across Ontario, PARO reps served as connection points for our newest doctors.
    2. Social Events: With residents at community hospitals, I organized more accessible events including Rock Climbing in Markham and Movie Night in Scarborough during Resident Appreciation Week.
    3. Site Audits: We audited all of U of T's teaching sites. Surveying each of SHN's three hospitals, I identified areas for change, which have been reflected in the proposal for the up-and-coming Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health (SAMIH).

    Some work we can continue to amplify:

    1. Safe Ride Home: This program covers post-call transportation and it has been implemented at multiple schools. We intend to launch it in Toronto, with PARO reps recently pitching the idea at the U of T Hospital University Education Committee.
    2. Site Audits, Continued: Our U of T-wide audit identified common issues across sites (e.g. unstable wi-fi in call rooms; extensive parking costs for multi-site call coverage). I will collaborate with reps at downtown sites to address these concerns and improve residents’ training environment.

    Some more about me:

    1. After spending years in Montréal and then Halton/Hamilton region, I am grateful to be back in the city to which my family and I first immigrated.
    2. Throughout medical school, I was deeply involved in the Ontario Medical Students Association. As Vice President of Education, I relayed students' concerns on provincial governing bodies, including CPSO and OMA.
    3. I firmly believe in peer-to-peer feedback (#iykyk) and value listening to people’s experiences. Residency in family medicine is a brief 2 to 3 years—ultimately, I hope to foster a sense of community for us to connect during this penultimate chapter of our medical training.

    Thank you!


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Dr. Iris Kim

PGY-2 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi everyone,

    I'm Iris, a PGY2 FM resident at Mount Sinai Hospital. I'm originally from New Brunswick, did my undergrad at McGill, and have been in Toronto since beginning of medical school. I have had the privilege of serving as part of the PARO general council in my first year of residency and am excited for the opportunity for continuing the work this year.

    Briefly, my interest and passion lies in building community and wellness both in and outside of medicine. Even prior to residency, I served as part of our medical school class council and worked directly with faculty to improve the school's response to the pandemic, highlighting equity concerns and advocating for students' well-being through individualized academic accommodations, and social & financial supports. Beyond medicine, I've connected with the wider Toronto community through my love for food (with 400+ restaurants explored!), live music and art - especially within the LGBTQ+ community.

    After a year of experience holding leadership roles through both the PARO general council and in the Mount Sinai family health team as a R1 representative, I have grown in my ability to advocate effectively for residents and have a deeper understanding of organizational processes/how change may be achieved effectively. In these roles, I was lucky to be a point of liaison between residents and faculty, help improve resident spaces and wellness, as well as serve on award committees to acknowledge the hard work being put into our residency programs. This coming year, I hope to continue to use my skills and experience to advocate for fair compensation (for all the effort we have/continue to put in for our patients & in consideration of the high cost of living in Toronto!), transparent communication between PARO council and residents, and actively promote inclusion and diversity to ensure all residents feel seen and valued.

    I’m eager and dedicated to building a community of support that will get us through this rewarding, but challenging couple years. Thank you for your consideration in supporting and trusting me to represent you on the PARO general council.



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Dr. Robert Dydynsky

PGY-2 | Toronto | Family Medicine

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    Hi family medicine residents!

    I'm Rob, a PGY-2 at St. Joseph's Health Centre (SJHC), running again for the PARO general council after a successful first year. I'm eager to continue representing you all for 2024-2025!

    Some highlights from last year:

    1. Call rooms: I performed call room audits at SJHC, and collaborated with residents from other programs to appraise call rooms I otherwise didn't have access to.
    2. Teaching to teach: I recently attended train-the-trainer with PARO, to deliver formal AHD teaching on how to teach for residents (despite residency chaos since then... I hope to soon deliver my first course!)
    3. Resident appreciation week: I played a minor support role in the delivery of thank-you cards and planning social events for residents.
    4. Ongoing resident support: I acted as a Toronto support for my co-residents at large, helping many navigate contract issues (e.g., call scheduling, vacations, call stipend payment) and seamlessly connected them with PARO staff when the need arose.

    After a hectic PGY-1 year, where I was hesitant to bite off more than I could chew (as many of you can or will soon relate to), I'm eager to make my contributions bigger and better this year. Some things I hope to contribute to include:

    1. Being a liaison committee lead, attending meetings with faculty addressing a variety of issues (e.g., the Streamlined Hospital Onboarding Working Group, to facilitate universal onboarding and eliminate inter-hospital redundancy)
    2. To advocate for the safe ride home program (a program covering post-call transportation), given safety concerns/reports from residents about driving home after call.
    3. To advocate for whatever you tell me your needs are! PARO has risen to a variety of concerns, resulting in the recent pay increases and supporting ongoing contract re-negotiation. My ears (/messages) are open!

    If you're not finding me in the gym or cooking/baking a caloric nightmare (my happy places outside work), you can be sure I'll be checking my PARO email and text messages to address resident needs, as I did last year.

    Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you will put your trust in me to represent your needs!

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Dr. Mohammad Khan

PGY-2 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Hello my fellow family medicine residents,

    My name is Mohammad, a PGY-2 at Trillium Health Partners-Mississauga, and I am passionate about enhancing the experiences of our residents by representing Toronto Family Medicine Residents for the PARO General Council

    Having served as my site’s Resident Wellness Representative, I’ve seen firsthand the critical importance of mental health and well-being among our peers. I’m committed to continuing this work on a broader scale, ensuring that every resident has access to the support they need to thrive both personally and professionally. I want to provide more support & access to resources to navigate through evaluations, including when residents receive evaluations that don’t reflect their ability fairly; and personally be a resource for support when resident mental health is an issue.

    Another focus will be on expanding access and awareness for family medicine electives in fields that are not typically part of our core education. For example, incorporating opportunities such as fracture clinics for musculoskeletal learning can provide invaluable hands-on experience and broaden our skill sets. I believe that by diversifying our training options, we can become more well-rounded and adaptable practitioners.

    Lastly, to tell a little bit about myself: I grew up in the GTA and have always felt a deep connection to this community. Outside of medicine, I am an avid hobby baker. I maintain a sourdough starter that has fed many co-residents, family, and friends, bringing a little bit of joy and comfort through homemade breads, pizza, and even brownies/cookies/banana bread. Baking has taught me the importance of patience, precision, and the joy of sharing something special with others.

    If elected, I promise to be a proactive and approachable representative, always ready to listen to your concerns and ideas. Let’s work together to make a real difference, ensuring our educational journey is supportive, comprehensive, and fulfilling. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and advocate for all of us.

    Thank you for your support,


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Dr. Rajiv Tanwani

PGY-1 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Rajiv and I’m currently a PGY1 in Family Medicine at Women’s College Hospital. I grew up in Kingston and completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University. More recently, I graduated from the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at UofT. I am very excited for the opportunity to run for PARO general council.

    I have always been passionate about learner wellness, near-peer teaching, and fostering a community of support. In undergrad, I was a residence advisor for three years which involved providing academic and emotional support to first-year students and developing educational and social programming. During medical school, I was involved in the Wightman-Berris Academy Clerk-to-Clerk mentorship program and as SHINE Wellness Ambassador. Through these extracurricular and leadership positions, I have developed strong advocacy and communication skills which will help me best serve you as a general council representative.

    Residency is an incredibly challenging time during which peer support is vital. I aim to be a knowledgeable resource to answer questions regarding existing supports and our PARO contract. I vow to listen to current shortcomings/pain points and give your concerns a platform by using my voice to advocate for change at both general council and in sub-committee meetings. I will collaborate with the rest of general council to advance our collective interests. In particular, I hope to build on fair resident compensation and promote inclusive and diverse viewpoints, so all residents feel valued. I believe that by maintaining a strong and well supported resident community, we can positively improve the care our patients receive.

    I would be honoured to represent you as part of PARO general council and thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Thank you,


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Dr. Sogol Olamazadeh

PGY-1 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Hello Everyone!

    I'm Sogol Olamazadeh, and I'm excited to run for the PARO General Council. Here’s a bit about me:
    . I am currently a PGY1 resident.
    . I attended medical school in Tehran the capital city of Iran.
    . In medical school, I led the team responsible for medical notes.
    . After graduation, I worked as a family doctor for 3 years in both rural and urban areas.
    . I served as the medical director at a rural clinic during that time.
    . I moved to Canada and completed my master's in Community Health at the University of Toronto, specializing in addiction and mental health.
    . During my master's program, I held the position of Executive Council Social Chair.
    . I am passionate about board games and card games.
    . I enjoy staying physically active.
    . Traveling is one of my great passions.
    . Gathering with friends always boosts my energy!
    . Fun fact: I am a great poker player!

    I would love your support to bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the PARO General Council!

    Thank you!

    Sogol Olamazadeh

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Dr. Ijeoma Izundu

PGY-2 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    I am Ijeoma Izundu, PGY 2. a family medicine resident at Southlake regional Hospital, Newmarket.

    I am passionate about residency advocacy and improving the well being of residents in Ontario.

    I am also invested in supporting internationally trained medical graduates navigate the Canadian health system.

    My leadership skill experience developed when I served as a clinical lead in a healthcare center that provided care for rural communities where I effectively advocated for the government to construct a bridge and build a transit system to facilitate patient movement to tertiary center from the health facility situated in the riverine area.

    In addition, I served as the deputy medical director of one of the facilities, where I oversaw the medical and administrative staff and ensured the well-being of the staff members.

    Prior to residency, I volunteered to assist fifteen IMGs in preparing for the MCC examination and this expanded to a larger group during the Carms cycle, where I facilitated teleconference meetings for coaching purposes to aid their understanding of the carms matching process. Thereafter, numerous success stories of matched results ensued.

    As a resident, I partnered with my colleague to set up a group for new IMG residents by providing frequent Q & A sessions and a group chat to simplify the process of registration with the CPSO, CMPA and PGME. I have also attended numerous rounds, conferences and some CMEs for continued self-development.

    Furthermore, I participated in the Carms file review and interview sessions for incoming residents, and diversity and mentorship program as well as the teaching residents to teach program.
    Presently, I am a student of the I3P DFCM Leadership program, these leadership and advocacy experiences has equipped to be a strong advocate to inert change to the benefit of the residents.

    It is my hope to bring these skills to PARO to support and join to advocate for the well-being of the residents.

    I hope to also meet other leaders, and learn from them

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Dr. Abdul Mohmand

PGY-1 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    My name is Abdul. Throughout medical school at Western, I have been interested in improving medical education and fostering a supportive learning environment. On the PARO council, I will work towards these goals and serve as a dedicated advocate for the well-being of medical residents in Ontario.

    I will dedicate myself to negotiating fair working conditions, advocating for mental health resources, and ensuring residents' voices were heard. My ability to balance clinical responsibilities with advocacy work during medical school demonstrated my exceptional time management and organizational skills, which I will apply to this role.
    My interests encompass physician wellness, medical education, and health policy. My commitment to my colleagues extends beyond my immediate community. As a member of the PARO General Council, I bring clinical expertise, advocacy experience, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by medical residents. I am dedicated to promoting a culture of support within the medical community, ensuring residents have the resources they need to thrive both personally and professionally. My vision includes strengthening support systems for residents, enhancing communication between residents and administrative bodies, and advocating for policies that prioritize resident wellness.My unwavering dedication to these goals makes me a valuable asset to the PARO General Council and a champion for medical residents across Ontario.

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Dr. Danielle Penney

PGY-1 | Toronto | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi There!

    I’m Danielle, a Family Med PGY1 at the Toronto Western site, and I’m excited to be running to be one of your PARO reps this year! To make a long story short: my passion for all things wellness in medical education is personal. In the middle of clerkship, I had to have 3 emergency surgeries. Aside from the hilarity of going from rounding on the surgical floor to being a patient admitted there in a span of a few hours, I learned a lot about just how difficult it is to be a medical trainee while navigating a huge life challenge. Being both a patient and a medical learner taught me how to navigate bureaucracy, administrative barriers, and less-than-supportive policies (to put it gently).
    We can’t predict what curveballs life will throw at us during residency, but we can ensure that policies are in place that both allow us to meet our professional obligations, and support us through life’s challenges while acknowledging our humanity.

    If elected to PARO, I hope to focus on assessing the balance of service and learning on our rotations and think critically about how we can improve this. I’m also passionate about learner mistreatment – I plan to advocate for creating an atmosphere where residents feel comfortable voicing mistreatment, without fear of retaliation. Residents are invaluable to the healthcare system. We are employees who deserve to feel respected and protected by those we work for. I want to work towards creating a healthier residency experience for us, and for the future generations of residents to come. I promise to be a responsive and attentive rep, and always be open to hearing out any concerns and ideas you might have.

    On a lighter note, in my spare time I like to lift weights, vegetate on a downtown patio, and host friends for charcuterie nights in my too-small condo.

    Thanks for reading all this, and I’d love the opportunity to be your PARO representative!