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Dr. Connor Brenna

PGY-1 | Toronto | Anaesthesia

  • Bio
    I am a first-year resident in UofT’s Anesthesia and Clinician Investigator Programs, and my background prior to medical school (University of Toronto) was in a combination of philosophy and the basic sciences (University of Saskatchewan). A vestige of this past lives on in my current interests in metaethics and notions of professional identity, which pair nicely with Anesthesia because any conversation about them is inherently MAC-sparing.

    As a medical student I was fortunate to have opportunities to get involved in student governance through UofT’s Medical Society and Class Council, as well as broader organizations like the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, and these experiences converted me into a believer in the amount of meaningful change students were able to effect when they worked together. PARO is well-positioned to do that for our community of residents, and—if I have the good fortune of joining their General Council—I would be delighted to contribute to that as a representative of UofT Anesthesia.