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Electoral Group : Queens RCPSC | Positions : 7 | Currently Running : 1

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Dr. Joshua Gnanasegaram

PGY-1 | Queens | Radiation Oncology

  • Bio
    I am grateful to be considered as one of the Queen’s representatives on PARO General Council. I had the opportunity to develop the skills crucial to excelling in this role throughout my training at Queen’s medical school. In my first year, I was the class Curricular Representative, a role in which I worked tirelessly to ensure that the logistical details of curriculum delivery were addressed. As the elected Class President for the next three years, I played a large role in my class’ learning and wellbeing, fiercely advocating on behalf of my peers to Faculty Directors along with local and national medical student committees. Furthermore, I have worked in various student mentorship roles, whether that was in welcoming students to Queen’s Medicine through Orientation Week, or serving as a Mentorship Captain and facilitating the development of longitudinal relationships amongst students, residents and faculty.

    I hope to bring my passion for peer advocacy to PARO General Council. I will aim to learn about the issues that face Queen’s Residents so that I can appropriately represent my colleagues’ interests and enact change where needed. As a liaison between PARO and Queen’s Residents, I will make every effort to facilitate open lines of communication between both groups such that Residents are informed of important decisions and can, in turn, provide feedback to PARO. I will also endeavour to maintain the General Council as a safe place, ensuring that all Residents feel comfortable bringing any concerns to our attention.

    It would be my pleasure to serve this year as one of the Queen’s representatives on PARO General Council. I hope I can count on your vote!