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Electoral Group : Queens RCPSC | Positions : 7 | Currently Running : 11

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Dr. Michael Parvizian

PGY-5 | Queens | Int.Med-Gastroenterology

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    Hey Queen's residents!

    My name is Mike, a PGY5 in GI, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for re-election (here we go again...) to PARO GC. Having served in various roles with PARO for the past four years including several years on GC I have the most extensive experience with PARO at Queen's and hope to use that experience to continue advocating for our resident community.

    Over the past year, I’ve led several initiatives aimed at improving our working and learning environments. I spearheaded our first-ever call-room reviews, resulting in significant enhancements to the quality and comfort of our call rooms. These improvements have made a tangible difference in our daily lives and underscore my commitment to addressing the practical needs of our residents.

    Additionally, during my years with PARO I have served on the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee and the KHSc Fiscal Advisory Committee, where I have worked to ensure our voices are heard in important decision-making processes. These roles have given me a broad perspective on the issues we face and the best strategies to address them.

    A key focus of my platform is on resident spaces and wellness. I firmly believe that a supportive and well-resourced environment is essential for our success in this demanding training period. If re-elected, I am committed to continuing this work and further advocating for initiatives that enhance our overall well-being. This includes ensuring that we have comfortable and accessible call rooms, adequate mental health support, and resources to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    One of my major roles in PARO has been advocating for individual learners one-on-one. Many of you know that I am always available to discuss PARO-related questions and find solutions for any issues you encounter. I will continue to be your point person for any contract-related questions or ideas for improvement and will keep you informed about contract negotiations.

    We need strong, experienced leadership on PARO to ensure residents are appropriately represented and I would be honored to represent you as one of these strong voices.

    Thank you for considering my candidacy!


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Dr. Cindy Nguyen-Manson

PGY-2 | Queens | Physical Medicine and Rehab.

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Cindy and I am a PGY-2 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation resident. I am excited to be running for the PARO General Council! I am mainly at Providence Care Hospital (PCH) for residency and want to help bring a voice for residents based at PCH.

    In PM&R, we help to optimize the quality of life for our patients and I want to do the same for residents at Queen’s. During my first-year of residency mainly on off-service rotations, I really appreciated the sense of community there was while joining different teams. One of my goals as part of the General Council will be to continue building our community by bringing residents together across KGH, HDH, and PCH for fun social events.

    I am also happy to be a go-to person for any questions you may have about PARO and share any ideas and suggestions with the General Council about ways to improve your residency experience.

    A bit about me outside of medicine, I love to bike around Kingston with my foldable bike, try different restaurants, play recreational team sports (currently on an 8-game win streak in beach volleyball!), and host dinner parties.

    Thanks for reading and considering me for the General Council!


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Dr. Dani Kilani

PGY-2 | Queens | Public Health & Preventive Medicine

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    I am a dedicated and accomplished resident in the Public Health & Preventive Medicine Residency Program. My academic journey has provided a solid foundation, having earned my Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary in 2023, following my studies in Medical Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. My experiences as a public health resident thus far have given me a strong understanding of our exhausted healthcare system and the needs of residents in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings.

    As Co-Lead Resident for Queen’s Public Health & Preventive Medicine Program, I organize weekly half-day sessions and communicate regularly with my co-residents to provide program updates and academic opportunities. Representing resident interests at leadership meetings with program administrators and directors is a key part of my role. These experiences will be essential in my role advocating for my co-residents at Queen’s.

    Previously, as Vice-President Finance & Operations of the Calgary Medical Students’ Association, I managed a six-figure budget supporting over 30 student clubs and secured significant grant funding for educational resources. My role also included organizing financial planning seminars as part of the medical education curriculum, further emphasizing the wellness of learners through financial literacy during the hardships of medical education.

    I bring with me a passion for organizational leadership and innovation. I have been recognized for these skills in case competitions, receiving awards from prestigious institutions like the Ivey School of Business and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

    If given the opportunity and responsibility of representing you on the PARO council, I aim to provide a metaphorical open door to all residents, where they can feel that their concerns are not only heard but also backed by action.

    My multifaceted skills and perspective in public health make me an exemplary candidate for the Professional Association of Residents of Ontario General Council.

    Thank you for your kind consideration,
    Dani Kilani

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Dr. Emine Coskun

PGY-1 | Queens | Pathology-Anatomical

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    I am an IMG from Turkey currently in my first year as a resident in Diagnostic and Molecular Pathology. With a strong passion for resident wellness, my background in laboratory management has honed my collaboration skills, which I am eager to use on the council to advocate for resident issues. I look forward to representing my peers and contributing to important discussions that will enhance our residency experience.

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Dr. Aamna Abdullah

PGY-1 | Queens | Psychiatry

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    Hi Queen’s residents!

    My name is Aamna Abdullah and I am currently a PGY-1 psychiatry resident. I am excited to be running as a member of the PARO General Council! I hope to be available to all of you to answer questions or address any concerns you may have regarding PARO, and would be honoured to represent your voice at our General Council Meetings.

    I completed medical school at Western University at the Windsor Campus, and had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills throughout, which I believe would extend well into the role as part of the PARO General Council. During medical school, I was elected by my classmates to serve as a Social Convenor for two consecutive years. I helped organize and promote regular social activities, seeking input from my peers to ensure events were inclusive and accessible, and encouraged participation to develop class identity and cohesion. I also served as the EDID representative through which I was able to address student concerns relating to equity, diversity, and inclusion. I facilitated opportunities for my class to express their concerns, ideas, and opinions with respect to issues of equity, and advocated on their behalf in Class Council meetings. Lastly, I also served as the Orientation Week Coordinator in 2021 in which I spearheaded the planning of Orientation Week in Windsor for the incoming Class of 2025, comprised of approximately 40 first-year students. I developed and led training for Orientation Week Captains and Leaders with a team of approximately 20 leaders in Windsor and 60 in London, as well as secured funding and sponsorships to create the budget for Orientation Week events. I hope that the positions I have previously held will make me a strong candidate in representing your voice as a member of the PARO General Council.

    Thank you all for considering me for this position!



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Dr. Molly Cowls

PGY-1 | Queens | Emergency Medicine

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    Hi Queen’s Residents,

    My name is Molly, and I am a PGY-1 in Emergency Medicine. I am passionate about building a strong and meaningful community, and I am excited to run for PARO General Council.

    I had the honor of serving as Class President for all four years during medical school here at Queen’s. This experience taught me a lot about building and supporting a community, and it is one of the reasons I hope to be part of the Queen’s General Council. I am eager to help our community thrive! As President, I passionately advocated for my classmates' needs, especially during COVID, and dedicated myself to promoting wellness. Advocacy is a significant part of the role, and I have already gained experience in our hospital as a member of the hospital liaison committee. There, I not only raised concerns but also worked hard to find solutions. This year, a key initiative in mind would be helping Queen's Residents with a smooth transition to the new EMR.
    My goal is for you to feel heard and supported while helping to create new initiatives to improve our residency.
    Beyond my role as President, I co-founded the Queen’s Med Fights Cancer Charity hockey game, an event that brought together med students, residents, and attendings. I hope to facilitate opportunities for our resident community to connect, such as a boat party or wellness hike, as well as strengthen our connections beyond our immediate community.

    I would be honored to represent you at PARO and advocate for your needs, making your time here as fulfilling as possible.

    Please feel free to say hi if you see me in the ER or walking my dog at the pier!

    Thank you!


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Dr. Toros Canturk

PGY-2 | Queens | Anaesthesia

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    I am Toros Canturk, a PGY2 from Anesthesiology and one of your current general council representatives. I had the privilege to represent you this year and I would like to continue representing you while improving your residency experience.

    My passion for serving my colleagues fuelled my interest in leadership. During medical school, I proudly served throughout COVID as the 4-time re-elected class president, advocating for curricular and mental health needs and improving our school’s environmental sustainability and EDI practices. Training as a peer supporter allowed me to support my colleagues throughout difficult transitionary processes. As a CMA Ambassador I have been growing my leadership skills with courses and conferences. As the Student Director of Medicine, I gained a higher-level advocacy and represented over 800 students. My experiences attest to my dedication to serve my colleagues, which has been a driving force to continually expand on my leadership experiences. I learned the crucial nature of advocating for all of my colleagues in different programs, with different expectations and viewpoints that is vital as a general council member.

    As a PARO GC member, I represented us in PARO GC and subcommittees. I was a member of Queen’s Resident Medical Education Committee, where we discussed many important issues (i.e. parking, bus schedule, Lumio transition). Since the Lumeo transition will be an integral part of our lives soon, I recently joined Lumeo Clinical Decision Support group to ensure a smooth transition for residents.

    I want to continue my passion in improving resident wellness both mentally and financially. I will be planning some of the most attended PARO events such as trivia, which will be integral to bring the programs together. I had an incredible time representing you this year in PARO and I am excited to utilize my past experiences while continuing to grow as a resident leader in the years to come. With the supportive culture of PARO, I will have the ability to represent you and continue to improve our residency experience.

    With your support, I would be honoured to continue serving and advocating for all of us.

    Thank you

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Dr. Angela Ma

PGY-4 | Queens | Public Health & Preventive Medicine

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    Hi! My name is Angela, and I’m a PGY4 in Public Health and Preventive Medicine (PHPM). I’d love to represent you as part of PARO General Council this year!

    During my last few years Queen’s, I felt lucky to find community in a new city. Residency is hard, and I’m grateful to my coresidents and to PARO for creating a supportive environment. I’m inspired by the important work I’ve seen my friends and colleagues on PARO do - in supporting social interaction, resident wellness, and fair work - and I look forward to continuing this.

    Being in PHPM, I spent PGY1 and 2 with Family Medicine, and now am mainly based at the KFL&A Health Unit, providing me with a unique perspective among residents. This year, I am a co-lead resident with the PHPM program, and previously I served as our social/wellness lead. In both roles, I am always thinking about how we can make our program better, advocating for resident learning opportunities and other needs. I believe in organizing and collective action, and I’m passionate about equity, and I hope to find like-minded people with PARO.

    I'm invested in the resident experience, and I am always to chat one on one about your experiences and brainstorm ways to improve them. I'm looking forward to working with residents across Queen's and Ontario, and to getting to know you all!

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Dr. Katherine Walters

PGY-2 | Queens | Psychiatry

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    I am excited to announce my candidacy for the PARO General Council for the upcoming term. It has been an incredible honour to serve as a General Council Representative for the 2023-2024 academic year, representing Queen’s University residents and advocating on behalf of all residents across Ontario. This role has not only been a deeply rewarding experience but has also strengthened my commitment to championing the needs and concerns of our community.

    Throughout this past year, I have had the privilege of working closely with many of you, understanding the unique challenges we face, and striving to address them effectively. As we navigate the complexities of our profession, it is crucial that we continue to have strong representation that is dedicated to our well-being. I am eager to continue this journey of advocacy, focusing on key issues such as work-life balance, mental health support, and professional development opportunities. Our voices matter, and I am committed to ensuring that they are heard loud and clear. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

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Dr. Amira Rouabhi

PGY-2 | Queens | Paediatrics

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Amira, I am a PGY-2 in Pediatrics here at Queen’s, and I am very excited to run for PARO General Council! The experience I have gained in my residency so far has well-equipped me for the roles of a PARO GC member, as the past year has allowed me to be very familiar with the overall function of the system at Queen’s. One of my main goals will be to spread awareness of the ways PARO can provide residents with support – whether through understanding contract stipulations or utilizing the resources offered by the organization.

    I have actively engaged in various advocacy roles throughout medical school, serving as a Student Reviewer and Coordinator for the Anti-Racism Curricular Review, and as a junior and senior representative for the Social Accountability, Public Health, and Health Advocacy subcommittee. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of how to effectively advocate for change and collaborate with various stakeholders. In my role as PARO GC member, I plan to use this experience to advocate for things such as enhancing resident physical spaces, ensuring access to mental health resources, and keeping everyone informed about active contract negotiations. I am very excited to serve as a liaison between residents and the organization!

    Additionally, as a diversity peer mentor for medical students during my R-1 year at Queen's, I actively contributed to fostering an inclusive environment and supporting my peers from diverse backgrounds. This experience further solidified my passion for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), and I am committed to bringing an EDI lens to my role on the PARO General Council to ensure all residents feel represented and supported.

    My time at Queen’s so far has been incredibly rewarding, and I have developed a strong understanding of the needs and challenges faced by my peers. I aim to build on this understanding to create concrete changes that benefit the resident body! I am eager to contribute to PARO and work as a team with my future GC peers to enhance our residency experience. Thank you for considering my candidacy!

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Dr. Kevin Lane

PGY-2 | Queens | Radiation Oncology

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    Hi there! I am honoured for your consideration as part of the PARO General Council. My professional journey has been marked by a deep commitment to medical education, advocacy, and organizational leadership, which I believe aligns seamlessly with the mission and responsibilities of PARO.

    My academic foundation includes earning a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Western University and expected Chartered Professional Accounting Designation (CPA). Currently, I am pursuing residency in Radiation Oncology, where I have gained invaluable insights into the challenges faced by our healthcare system and the diverse needs of residents across clinical settings.

    My professional journey is enriched by diverse experiences, including serving as Vice-President Administration on student council. In this capacity, I spearheaded the implementation of a new health insurance program, supported numerous student clubs, and secured grant funding for educational initiatives.

    Furthermore, my background includes significant achievements such as developing an electronic medical records system and providing management consulting for publicly traded companies, where I focused on corporate governance and control structures. These experiences have honed my skills in innovation, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement—qualities essential for effective representation on the PARO General Council.

    I am passionate about advancing medical education and advocacy within Ontario’s residency community. If entrusted with a role on the PARO General Council, I am eager to contribute my multifaceted skills and perspectives to support initiatives that enhance resident welfare, education, and professional development. My goal is to ensure that every resident feels empowered and supported throughout their training.

    Thank you for considering my nomination. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and make a meaningful impact within PARO.


    Kevin Lane