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Electoral Group : Queens CFPC | Positions : 3 | Currently Running : 6

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Dr. Melissa Daniel-Abdool

PGY-1 | Queens | Family Medicine

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    Hi there!

    My name is Melissa and I have now begun my first year of residency here at Queen’s University.

    I am running for a position on the PARO General Council in hopes of representing my fellow Queen’s co-residents and advocating on your behalf within our institution and at a provincial level. It isn’t uncommon knowledge that residency is full of ebbs and flows that is highly influenced by our learning environment, our surrounding workplace culture and our well-being. Moreover, as an IMG, I am all too familiar with the experience of adjusting to a Canadian residency program through bridging programs at Touchstone Institute and navigating the who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s.

    With all of this in mind, I hope to help foster a sense of community for residents to feel connected to and supported by. I would seek a collaborative approach in identifying outlets for residents to relax either physically or mentally via wellness initiatives, help devise networking events for PGY-1s and PGY-2s to meet and connect with individuals in fields they wish to pursue after graduation (even if it's just an area you may be mulling over!) and also work to facilitate timely and effective communication between PARO, resident physicians and our institution, as applicable.

    As an undergraduate medical student, I was aware of the importance of these roles and the impact that can be felt if any of these areas are overlooked. Now as a postgraduate resident physician, I can only hope to work alongside other Queen’s council members and PARO to contribute my very best in supporting you all in your current and future endeavours.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Melissa Daniel-Abdool

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Dr. Nancy Wu

PGY-1 | Queens | Family Medicine

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    Hi, fellow Queen’s FM colleagues!
    My name is Nancy – perhaps by now I’ve said hi to you in person at one of our central seminars, on a patio, or by lakeside. I’d love to take this chance to tell you a bit about myself and why I’d like to represent our class on the PARO General Council.

    I grew up in Toronto, the city that taught me to love and appreciate diversity of culture and life experience. It was this openness that took me to three different schools for education – Western University for undergrad, McGill University for my Master’s, University of Toronto for medical school – and now finally, Queen’s University with all of you for family medicine training. My most meaningful pursuits along the way have been in disability justice and global health equity. As founder of a support group for trainees with chronic conditions, I consulted trainees about their unique needs, helped them navigate institutional policies so that they could thrive, and took part in a national task force of medical trainees advocating to administration for equitable training policies. I also volunteered for Partners In Health Canada for several years, learning about different medical systems across the world, and how important it is to listen to the people that you want to support, rather than assume that your objectives and methods are the same as theirs.

    Representing us on the PARO GC means being a voice for you. I appreciate that not everyone has undergone the same journey to get here. I appreciate that people have different goals for what they want to get out of residency. And I am confident that my values of openness and equity, my collaboration skills, and my experience with local and national institutions will help me understand you and advocate for you.

    I commit to attend meetings, to know our contract inside and out, to consult you on important matters, and to be your voice in local and national conversations about resident physician policies. Above all else, I hope I can be a genuine and friendly face for you over the next two years - someone who you can trust to chat about your journey to becoming the family doctor that you want to be.

    I'll see you around! - Nancy

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Dr. Daire Fitzpatrick

PGY-2 | Queens | Family Medicine

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    Hey everyone! I'm Daire, one of the PGY-2s at the Kingston site. I am so excited to be running to be one of your Queens CFPC Paro General Council Reps!

    A little about me: I love music and play the piano, clarinet, saxophone and guitar (none of them well). I am a big sports fan and play golf (though not very well) as often as I can. I have also been a bridge between worlds: born in Peterborough, Ontario, but finishing undergrad at St.FX in Nova Scotia; starting medical school in Ireland, but finishing at McMaster. As your PARO rep, I hope to be the bridge between Queens Family Medicine and all residents in Ontario.

    Advocacy for learners has always been a passion of mine. As Clerkship Committee Representative for McMaster, I represented 200 medical students and contributed to curricular development in the unprecedented times of the pandemic. As your CFPC Section of Residents Rep, I have already had the experience of advocating for residents at the national level, including advocating for the pause to the expansion of residency to three years, improving the final exam and federal loan forgiveness. These experiences have helped me learn to navigate the often complicated world of that governs our education.

    As your PARO rep, I will ensure:
    1) Our contract is always respected and our wellbeing is prioritized with feedback from residents
    2) Fair compensation for our hard work in contract negotiations
    3) We have time for fun and engaging social activities like boat cruises and games nights

    I will ensure your ideas, concerns and needs are always prioritized at the General Council, as well as always seeking out feedback from all residents to ensure we address pertinent issues. Having started my medical training as an IMG in Ireland and finishing it as a CMG in Hamilton, I can bridge the two worlds of the many members of Family Medicine. Help me continue to serve as a bridge for you – I would love your support and together, we can continue to make Queen’s Family Medicine residency an incredible experience. I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to serve you on PARO and get to know many of you this year!


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Dr. Srishti Vashishtha

PGY-1 | Queens | Family Medicine

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Srishti, and I'm thrilled to be part of our vibrant community here! It’s my hope to represent you as your PARO rep in the GC. A bit about me: I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario, and completed my undergraduate degree at Western University. I then took the Euro trip of my life by completing medical school in Dublin, Ireland. I love to crochet in my spare (?) time and absolutely love animals! I've raised birds, chickens, and ducks, and currently, I’ve found so much joy in fostering cats.

    I’ll try to keep this short and sweet; I know the start of residency is long and though we try, our attention spans relatively short.

    I won’t list my CV, but I’ve held many leadership roles that have driven my passion for advocacy and making sure everyone’s voice is heard. I wish to bring that same energy and dedication here. In Dublin, I was the President of the North American and Irish Medical Student Association for my school. In this role, I was able to take students’ feedback and ideas regarding exam policies, didactics provision structures, and well-being initiatives to administration, advocate for them, and follow through on their implementation. I want to ensure that we all have a say in the decisions that affect our lives and work and ensure that we remember that those are two separate things. Gathering feedback from you will be my top priority. Nothing is too small to be considered! I'll make sure your concerns are brought directly to where they need to be, with no delays.

    I recognize that it’s hard to be heard sometimes—residency is busy, there’s a lot going on, and we don’t always have the means to reach out directly. I’d like to be a familiar, comfortable, but most importantly, one of your own. A friendly face you can always, always reach out to. I’ll have answers to your PARO-related questions and additionally remind you of opportunities that will serve you and your well-being in a timely manner. I’m confident that we will make our time as residents as positive and supportive as possible. Thanks for considering me!

    Srishti :)

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Dr. Abdul Arif

PGY-1 | Queens | Family Medicine

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    My name is Abdul Arif, and I am deeply honored to be running for the position of PARO General Council Representative. I recently completed my medical degree at McMaster University, where I had the privilege of serving as the Vice President of Finance on the McMaster Medical Student Council. This role allowed me to develop a profound understanding of the financial intricacies and administrative responsibilities that are vital to effective governance.

    Throughout my tenure at McMaster, I actively engaged in various student-led initiatives aimed at improving the academic and extracurricular experiences of my peers. I was instrumental in organizing workshops, seminars, and community outreach programs that fostered a spirit of collaboration and learning. These experiences have honed my leadership, organizational, and communication skills, which I believe are essential for the role of a PARO General Council Representative.

    My passion for advocacy is driven by a commitment to ensuring that the voices of all residents are heard and that their needs are met. I am dedicated to promoting a supportive and inclusive environment where every resident can thrive both personally and professionally. I firmly believe in the importance of work-life balance and the need for robust mental health support systems for medical professionals.

    As a PARO General Council Representative, I will work tirelessly to address the concerns of my colleagues, advocate for their rights, and strive for improvements in our working conditions. I am committed to transparency, accountability, and proactive engagement with all members of our community. My goal is to build strong relationships with fellow residents, program directors, and hospital administration to foster a collaborative atmosphere where positive change is possible.

    Thank you for considering my nomination. I am excited about the opportunity to serve and to contribute to the continuous improvement of our residency experience.


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Dr. Mahtab Malekian Naeini

PGY-1 | Queens | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Dear Queen’s FM residents,

    My name’s Mahtab (i.e. moonlight in Persian). I’m a PGY1 who loves cats, connecting with people, and historical dramas on Netflix!

    I'm delighted to be running for the 2024 PARO General Council, and I will keep this statement succinct, as I know how precious our time is now.

    Here is a list of qualities I would expect in my program’s ideal PARO representative:
    -Be approachable, and open-minded
    -Be transparent about PARO processes and decisions
    -Have regular (but not too regular!) and digestible communication with the resident body
    -Have a true sense of responsibility toward resident wellbeing and an impeccable work ethic
    -Invest time and energy in gaining a strong working knowledge of the most relevant PARO policies in order to make life easier for their fellow residents
    -And lastly, go out of their way to help their colleagues navigate the nuanced world of residency using all the means accessible to PARO

    Through my experience at the executive level of the Ontario Medical Student Association (OMSA), multiple roles in student wellness leadership, being the student liaison with the national medical school accreditation body, and the campus representative on my class council, I can assure you I've had ample practice to embody all the above qualities.

    Here's what my plan at the General Council will include:

    -Obtaining early feedback on what about PARO does and does not work for residents
    -Producing accessible and digestible summaries from the most relevant PARO policies to minimize confusion around common questions such as “How do I maximize my earnings?”, “What does this mean on my insurance?”, “Who do I ask for help?”, “What do I do if I’m not comfortable in my environment?” etc.
    -Encouraging resident wellness by facilitating popular activities at our program; the beach, the winery, a soccer game, book club…whatever rocks your boat!
    -And last but not least, being the most reliable and staunch advocate for resident needs at Queen’s, from all arenas and of all magnitudes.

    Thank you so much for trusting me with this invaluable opportunity, and looking forward to serving you all,