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Electoral Group : Ottawa RCPSC | Positions : 12 | Currently Running : 1

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Dr. Nima Omid-Fard

PGY-3 | Ottawa | Diagnostic Radiology

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    Friends, it has been an honour to serve as your General Council representative this past year during unprecedented times. I share the sentiments of my colleagues regarding the hardships residents have had to face, including the failed MCC2 exam, cancelled electives, missed educational opportunities and redeployments to name a few. If given the opportunity to serve again as your GC member, these issues will be front of mind, as they are for all of us.

    If I were to list one unique asset I bring to the table, it would be my focus on technology and infrastructure improvement. This includes web development (which I have done pro bono for several physicians); creating macros at work to enhance efficiency of my fellow radiology co-residents; securing funding for call room upgrades; and most recently spearheading the trial of a Coffee Vending Machine at the Ottawa Hospital Civic Resident Lounge which will improve affordability and bring the convenience of 24/7 freshly ground espresso coffee (We DESERVE better than cheap DRIP!). If the ongoing trial is a success, we will expand this to the General Campus lounge as well! These are just some examples of my initiatives.

    I will bring that initiative to PARO again to help achieve our strategic goals with efficiency and innovation, which I think are key to progress. As part of my platform, I would also like to explore how to bring call scheduling software into the hands of our hard-working chiefs ASAP, offloading a MAJOR administrative burden from their shoulders.

    It would be an honour to serve you again on the General Council, helping to bring these ideas to fruition.
    Thank you!