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Electoral Group : Ottawa RCPSC | Positions : 14 | Currently Running : 19

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Dr. Maria-Elizabeth Baeva

PGY-1 | Ottawa | Int.Med-Neurology

  • Bio
    If I must use two words to describe this PGY-1 neurology resident, it would be the following: outgoing nerd. Why does this make me a good candidate for PARO? Because both of those qualities are what will allow me to not only listen to your concerns, but also advocate for you effectively.

    So, who is this outgoing nerd? I finished my undergraduate and Masters degree at the University of British Columbia, specializing in Immunology and publishing my thesis on Alzheimer’s disease. This means I am someone who genuinely enjoys reading long, detailed articles and dissecting them. You can be sure that I will know the PARO policies inside and out.

    Throughout graduate school, I was not only conducting scientific work, but I was also a teaching assistant for multiple courses. This is when I realized how the labour of young, energetic, and often poorly compensated people can be taken advantage of by powerful institutions. Someone needed to advocate for them. Thus, I became the Safety Representative for my laboratory, and I was invited to join committees such as selecting the new dean of the Center for Blood Research. I used these positions to make certain that the concerns of graduate students were heard. Wanting to continue championing for others led to me working as a disability resource coordinator at a multiple sclerosis clinic for 5 years. I used my extensive research background and my strong communication skills to ensure my patients received the financial aid they required.

    Throughout medical school at the University of Calgary, I continued to work with marginalized community members: from volunteering at a clinic specifically for houseless persons to initiating outreach programs for sex workers. As a physician-in-training, it is my responsibility to provide aid to all those I can. And now, it’s time to help my fellow residents.

    For all these reasons, I strongly believe I will be able to represent you on the general council. But if you’re still not convinced, then I have one more fun fact for you. My grandfather was a union organizer in the Soviet Union. So, if you like prophecies or even the movie Inception, then voting for me is the right choice.

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Dr. Pouria Alipour

PGY-2 | Ottawa | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Pouria and I am a second year internal medicine resident currently running for PARO council to represent all of uOttawa residents during events and negotiations!
    A bit of background about me; I graduated from McGill med in ‘23, currently undergoing IM residency with final goal of pursuing cardiology as career. Prior to that I wore a number of hats ranging from leading a large cardiology research group to planning installation of cellphone towers, to working as a Genius at the Apple Store (Yes I will fix your iPhone if you have problems :D).

    Throughout the past years, I have witnessed first hand the importance of having a safe and welcoming work environment on overall wellbeing. This can only be achieved if we continue to advocate for our rights and negotiate for a better pay, and benefits.

    My primary goals as a resident representative are clear and focused:
    1- I aim to negotiate fair pay increases in our contracts
    2- Secure technology stipends to support our use of personal devices for hospital business (Including Epic and Spok paging system)
    3- advocate for stronger protections on paid time off requests.

    Additionally, I recognize the importance of seemingly small but impactful quality-of-life improvements, such as reinstating a coffee machine at both campuses, which significantly boosts our day-to-day morale.
    I am approachable, a dedicated advocate, and a team player, yet firm when it comes to negotiations. If elected, I aim to collaborate with all my colleagues locally here at uOttawa and across 5 other universities to have a unified voice during negotiations and hopefully achieve the best possible outcome.

    Residency is undeniably challenging, and I am determined to be the voice for all my colleagues, ensuring that their needs are met, their voices are heard, and that they can take care of their wellbeing without fear of repercussions. By advocating for these changes, I strive to make our residency experience more manageable and fulfilling, even as we face rising living costs.

    Together, we can create a residency environment where every resident feels supported, valued, and equipped to succeed.
    Thanks for being here :)

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Dr. Jennifer Ehiwario

PGY-3 | Ottawa | Int.Med-General

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    Hello colleagues, I am Dr. Jennifer Ehiwario, a PGY-3 Internal Medicine resident at the University of Ottawa. Over the past year, as a member of the PARO general council, I have worked closely with other PARO general council representatives to problem solve and advocate for an optimal training and working experience for us all. I daresay we have done a profound job at advocating for our Ottawa community of residents and Ontario as a whole. I continue to witness the positive impact such noble causes have on our wellness, and I aspire to persist in this endeavour. Hence, I am running for re-election. I aim to represent Ottawa medical residents as one of the general council representatives for the 2024/2025 academic year.

    Over the past year, I have found my experience to be incredibly rewarding with lots of responsibilities and support at the local and provincial levels. I got familiar with our contract that establishes our relationship with the Ontario hospitals. I learnt the workings of the system which enabled me to sit on different hospital /university committees such as the resident leadership committee (RLC) where local issues such as resident wellness, parking, serviced - education, cafeteria hours etc are discussed.

    Furthermore, I have had the great privilege of bringing the concerns and perspectives of Ottawa residents to our general council meetings which has yielded great results of change. There has also been many opportunities to assist in organizing social events and local initiatives ranging from wellness day, accreditation, orientation work-shop for incoming IMG’s, ice cream rounds and more.

    If nominated, I intend to continue to utilize the advocacy and leadership skills I have gained over the past year to act as a voice for my fellow residents in the issues and systemic challenges they face. I would do this by continuing to advocate for residents wellness, a supportive and safe work environment, positive systems change, finding solutions to conflicts you may be experiencing and being a resource for local initiatives.

    Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to volunteering again as one of your PARO representatives this year.

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Dr. Alexander Pearson

PGY-3 | Ottawa | Int.Med-General

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    One of my favorite things to do is to talk with people (whether it’s friends, colleagues, patients, or random people in the elevator). I find it humbling to be in a profession that grants us the opportunity to help others. During my previous term as a PARO representative and through my lived experience as a resident, I have come to know the key issues facing residents. If I would have the honor of serving you again as one of your PARO reps, I would continue advocating for the issues that are most important to you and lead/collaborate on initiatives to improve your residency experience. This will include:

    1.Wellness: As a co-chair of the Internal Medicine Wellness Committee, I collaborated on multiple projects to help make residents' lives a bit easier. For example, we have an on-call cupboard full of snacks and essentials (e.g., Tylenol, Gravol, chargers). Furthermore, I have organized many socials in both my roles as a Wellness Committee co-chair and a PARO rep. I was also part of the PARO team that organized the first Wellness Full Day, which has become an annual fixture. As we are all dealing with increased patient volumes and care pressures, I believe it is more important than ever to promote inter-specialty collaboration. One way I will do that is by organizing regular events to get to know other residents in fun settings (e.g., over good food, activities like escape rooms, bowling, go-karting, archery tag). Furthermore, if you have issues obtaining your leave requests, or receive call schedules that do not meet PARO guidelines, I will advocate for you to ensure that these issues are addressed.

    2.Fair Renumeration: We have all felt the bite of increased cost of living. Unfortunately, our salaries have not proportionally increased over the preceding years. However, with Bill 124 struck down, the re-opening of negotiations provides an opportunity to advocate for fair pay that better reflects the rate of inflation.
    During my previous term as a PARO representative, I also became very familiar with our contract. I will be able to answer all your questions and help with any contract issues that you may have.

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Alex Pearson

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Dr. Yuan Qiu

PGY-3 | Ottawa | Surgery-Cardiac

  • Bio
    Hey all! My name is Yuan, and I am a PGY-3 in cardiac surgery. Residency is tough and can be isolating at times, but part of the reason I want to be involved with PARO is to organize amazing wellness and community bonding events throughout the year! I have actually met some of my closest friends through these PARO events! Additionally, a goal of mine is to continuously advocate for increased wages and better benefits, as well as transparency of these benefits so that all residents are able to have full access to what they are entitled to. Furthermore, I hope to implement networking opportunities for residents of all specialties to be able to build connections and communities with staff and senior residents in order to build a community of mentors. My experiences as the co-chair of the Networking Committee of the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress allowed me to connect cardiovascular trainees with staff mentors from all across the country, and I hope to do the same in Ottawa! Overall, it would be a privilege to be on the PARO General Council to advocate for resident wellness, wages, and working opportunities! :)

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Dr. Jasmin Pagé

PGY-3 | Ottawa | Paediatrics

  • Bio
    Dear fellow colleagues, my name is Jasmin and I am a third year Paediatrics resident at CHEO submitting my candidacy for the PARO General Council election. I would be honored, if elected, to be given the opportunity to contribute and build upon the work of past General Councils to optimize our training experiences and working conditions, while also striving to ensure that the diversity of our collective PARO community continues to be reflected at all levels.

    It is no secret that residency is challenging and can have significant impacts on all aspects of our lives, whether personal, professional, financial etc. This is why ongoing efforts of advocacy for resident well-being, fair compensation (especially with rising living costs), comprehensive benefits and smaller day-to-day impactful changes such as resident wellness days, access to food on call and reduced parking costs will be primordial with ongoing contract negotiations. Throughout medical school, I have held many EDI and advocacy related leadership positions such as VP Indigenous Health on the student council, the Indigenous representative on the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine Anti-Racism and EDI working group, and I was the Medical Education Student Representative throughout clerkship at the Montfort Hospital. I am also currently the Resident Representative on various committees at our faculty, continuously striving for the diverse resident perspectives to be respected and accounted for in decision making. These positions have provided me with a multitude of opportunities to represent the voices of my peers at various levels of the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine network and they have helped me strengthen my leadership, advocate, collaborator and communicator skills at a high level.

    On a more personal note, I would humbly describe myself as someone who is approachable, committed, passionate, collaborative and creative. Some of my hobbies include music, tennis, song writing, travelling, hiking and I love a good game night or reality TV show.

    Thank you wholeheartedly for your consideration and my emails are always open for any suggestions that could make a positive impact on your residency experience! :)

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Dr. Hadi Tehfe

PGY-1 | Ottawa | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hi! My name is Hadi Tehfe, and I am running to be one of your PARO reps. A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Ottawa, so I know the city very well. I lived in Lebanon for a few years too, so I can also speak Arabic and have hands-on experience with making olive oil. In my free time, I love watching reality TV shows (Receipts. Proof. Timeline. Screenshots), playing video games (currently playing Persona 5 Royal on my trusty Nintendo Switch) and playing board games/NYT crossword puzzles (Carcassonne is a recent favourite).

    More about me: I went to McMaster where I pursued an Undergraduate Degree in Health Sciences. I then came back home to Ottawa and pursued Medicine in the Anglophone stream at the University of Ottawa. Throughout my academic journey, I have been involved in advocating for student voices. I was an orientation week executive member both during my bachelors degree and in medical school. I served a four year tenure as the Admissions Representative for the University Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, striving for support and equity amongst medical school applicants. I lead a campaign to serve as the undergraduate representative for the Ottawa Board of Governors. Now as a PGY1 Internal Medicine Resident, I hope to extend these experiences to serve as one of your PARO reps.

    My goal is simple, to ultimately create changes in the upper management of our Residency programs to promote wellness, protect our physical and mental health and ensure we are fairly compensated. Having just done 5 calls in two weeks, my motivation has never been stronger.

    Warmest, Hadi

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Dr. Bahareh Moazen

PGY-3 | Ottawa | Diagnostic Radiology

  • Bio
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Bahareh Moazen, PGY3 Radiology Resident at uOttawa. I am excited to run for PARO General Council.

    I have a background in medicine and public health, holding an MPH degree that provided me with profound understanding of health and wellness determinants crucial for our well-being as residents.

    Over the past year, I took maternity leave to welcome my daughter, an experience that has profoundly shaped my views on the importance of resident wellness. During this time, I recognized the critical need for self-reflection and mental well-being as foundational elements for success. I aim to use this experience to advocate for resident wellness and be a voice for residents navigating the challenges of managing both life and residency. I am committed to helping make the transition back to work smoother for those returning from leaves, ensuring that they feel supported and integrated back into their roles.

    Throughout my medical school journey, I led multiple public health initiatives aimed at enhancing community well-being. My commitment to public health continues to inform my approach as a PARO GC representative, emphasizing the holistic well-being of residents.

    Additionally, I was a member of the wellness and educational subcommittees of the Canadian Association of Radiologists. In these roles, I helped organize various initiatives, including the residents’ virtual escape room, aimed at fostering a sense of community and promoting wellness among residents.

    I am a firm believer in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, advocating for a supportive environment where resident needs are met to enable them to thrive professionally and personally. As your PARO GC Representative, I aim to be a strong voice for my peers, championing initiatives that promote wellness, professional development, and a balanced work-life dynamic.

    Me outside of work: I love to host events and bring residents and friends together. I often use special occasions as an opportunity to gather people for games and socializing, creating a supportive and fun environment.

    I look forward to the opportunity to be advocating for our community of residents and working to make a positive impact.

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Dr. Steven Cheema

PGY-3 | Ottawa | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Steven Cheema and I am currently a PGY3 in Internal Medicine at the University of Ottawa. I am extremely excited to be running for a position on the PARO General Council in hopes of advocating for my colleagues on a provincial level.

    A little about myself, I am originally from the west coast however did my medical school overseas in Melbourne, Australia. I was new to Ottawa at the start of residency and did not know a single person, therefore relied on the PARO social events. My colleagues and friends would describe me as an outgoing and social person who loves to bring people together through food, sports and events. Throughout both medical school and residency I have held multiple leadership positions including peer mentor, CaRMS interviewer, clinical tutor and a representative for the international students on the medicine society.

    As an IMG who has worked overseas in multiple different healthcare settings I bring a unique experience to my residency training in Canada. While working overseas, I had the pleasure of being awarded the Wellbeing Award by my peers for exceptional support both within and outside of work. One of my goals for this upcoming academic year would be to revamp the social and wellness activities for the Ottawa site as I believe that creating a bond with your fellow co-residents and a sense of community will allow you to better excel during your time at work. In addition, I will advocate for an increase in wellness half days which would allow you to perform those “business hour” tasks that are difficult to perform during a typical day in residency.

    If elected, I would use my communication skills to continue negotiating for a fair pay increase during residency as our PARO representatives did last year. Further, I would use my leadership skills to formalize a PARO mentorship program within the University of Ottawa as I feel this would have been beneficial for my personal transition from medical school to residency. Lastly, I would maintain an open channel of communication with my peers allowing me to address specific concerns that you may have.

    Thank you very much for your consideration!

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Dr. Andrew Stein

PGY-1 | Ottawa | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Representing you on the PARO General Council would be an honour.

    I truly believe I can contribute to resident life in a positive way.

    Working in a team setting to defend student rights has always been important to me. I was president of a student union that represented 7000 students in my final year at my College in Montreal (CEGEP John Abbot College). I was also chosen to be “Head Boy” at my high school where I learned how to be a leader for 450 students and work with administrators/teachers.

    Developing a close relationship with my co-residents is important to me. I hope to plan and create meaningful events for students as I have done in my previous leadership roles. I very much enjoyed attending the event at Ottawa’s Beyond The Pale at the beginning of the year. Connecting with fellow residents is important to me and I will ensure that we can continue to develop a stronger relationship together throughout this year.

    If elected feel free to reach out to me whenever to discuss ideas or to clarify any PARO guidelines. Of course, you can also reach out to discuss cooking, movies and hockey and why I prefer the Montreal Canadiens over the Ottawa Senators.

    A vote for me is a vote for yourself because I will represent you.

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Dr. Muhammad Ali

PGY-1 | Ottawa | Emergency Medicine

  • Bio
    Hey everyone!

    My name is Muhammad, and I'm a PGY-1 EM resident, and I'm hoping to be one of your PARO General Council Representatives. To give a little bit of background, I did both my undergrad and medical school at Western and decided to switch it up and do my residency here, in Ottawa. One of the reasons I did this is because I firmly believe that a wide breadth of experience, new perspectives, and an open mind are incredibly important for professional and personal development.

    This mindset is one of the key reasons why I would be a great fit to represent the residents here in Ottawa on the PARO General Council. I have extensive advocacy experience, having been a representative on Western's student union in both my undergrad and in medical school. I regularly met with my constituents, raised concerns to stakeholders, and came to effective solutions which I communicated back to my constituency. This experience is very translatable with the type of work I would be doing while representing you on PARO.

    I appreciate that each hospital system is unique and has a specific set of problems and concerns. Truthfully, it's my first year of residency and my first year at TOH, so I can't necessarily speak to the exact specifics of my advocacy goals just yet. However, issues such as wellness, appropriate remuneration, fighting for fair contracts and stronger benefits take precedence in my personal opinion. What I can promise however, is putting in the effort to listen to what's important to you. I am firm believer that appropriate representation and advocacy is a step-wise process. Identifying your concerns, tracing them back to the relevant stakeholders , working to come to a solution, and most importantly, communicating these changes whether positive or negative back to all of you.

    Ultimately, I genuinely hope to be able to make a positive impact on your lives whether it be through smaller day-to-day changes, large-scale advocacy, or even just as a point of contact for concerns. I'm willing to put in the work, have a strong approach to problem-solving, and looking forward to having the chance to represent you on the PARO General Council.

    Lots of love,


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Dr. Courtney Price

PGY-3 | Ottawa | Emergency Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi Ottawa! I’m Courtney, currently a PGY3 in Emergency Medicine. I've had the privilege of being on your PARO General Council this past year, and I’m thrilled to run for re-election.

    This past year with PARO has been incredibly productive. We've had great wins including salary increases, advancing contract negotiations, and local successes such as our 2nd Resident Wellness Day, accreditation, and hosting numerous social events. Personally, I contributed locally by serving you on the accreditation subcommittee, organizing social events, including the transition to residency PGY1 social, developing a vacation guide (coming soon!), and advocating for improved parking options.

    Change happens gradually, but I am committed to further enhancing the resident experience. If elected, my priorities include:

    1. Parking: While I can’t build an entirely new parkade this year, I’ve analyzed regional and provincial parking rates and initiated discussions with PGME leadership. My goal is to secure more affordable and flexible parking options (e.g. part-time passes and single-campus solutions).

    2. Vacation: I’ve collaborated with PARO central to develop a new vacation guide. This resource addresses common contract issues like patient safety denials and time on rotation requirements, ensuring everyone can navigate these complexities effectively.

    3. Contract: Supporting PARO head office in the contract adherence initiative taking place this upcoming year. This will focus on a systemic evaluation of contract standards across all programs. I plan to establish an ongoing, anonymous reporting system to track and have more timely responses to contract violations that protects the individual resident.

    4. Food: Tim Hortons for 2-5 years is not sustainable. I am interested in exploring partnerships with local eateries and delivery services like UberEats to provide healthier and more economical food choices.

    5. Transparency: Ensuring all residents are aware of local PARO programs they are eligible for (e.g. resident enhancement fund) and streamlining to the application process to maximize use of these funds.

    Thank you for reading – it would be an honour to continue representing you!

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Dr. Saad Asif

PGY-1 | Ottawa | Anaesthesia

  • Bio
    Hello, my name is Saad Asif, and I am a first-year anesthesiology resident passionate about advocating for my colleagues and enhancing our residency experience. I am excited to express my interest in serving as a representative on the resident union.

    As a resident in anesthesiology, I am acutely aware of the unique challenges we face, particularly concerning the lack of representation for surgical and anesthesia specialties within the PARO in previous years. It is crucial that our voices are heard, and our specific needs are addressed to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all residents.

    My commitment to advocacy stems from my belief that every resident deserves equal representation and support. I have actively engaged in various initiatives throughout my medical training, promoting collaboration and open communication among my peers. As a representative, I would ensure that the concerns and interests of all residents are not only voiced but prioritized in discussions that shape our training and working conditions.

    I am dedicated to creating a unified platform where all specialties can come together to advocate for meaningful changes. I believe that by fostering a strong sense of community and solidarity among residents, we can tackle the challenges we face more effectively.

    In summary, I am confident that my passion for advocacy, my understanding of the unique dynamics within our specialties, and my commitment to collaboration make me a strong candidate for the resident union. Together, we can elevate our voices and ensure that every resident's perspective is valued and represented. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

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Dr. Alyssa Agostinis

PGY-1 | Ottawa | Emergency Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Alyssa Agostinis and I'm a PGY1 in Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa. I'm excited to be running for a position on the PARO General Council.

    Some background on myself: I'm originally from Edmonton (go Oilers), but I did my medical school overseas in Dublin, Ireland. I'm new to Ottawa but feel the city and the people have welcomed me with open arms. Part of the reason I want to be involved with PARO is to organize social events throughout the year, to foster that same sense of community that has been extended to me!

    Throughout both undergrad and medical school I held multiple leadership positions including president of a medical society that spanned all 3 medical schools in Dublin, and believe these experiences will be invaluable when on the General Council. Being an IMG, I have experience in multiple healthcare settings, working with people from different cultures, different backgrounds, and insight into what works in other systems.

    If elected, I would use my skills to advocate for a fair pay increase for residents, to organize social and wellness events to foster a strong sense of community, and to be a voice for all of us, bringing any and all concerns to the table.

    I look forward to having the chance to represent you on the PARO General Council. Thank you for your consideration!


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Dr. Rosie Mazzola

PGY-5 | Ottawa | Int.Med-Respiratory Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    I’m a PGY5 in Respirology and have been in Ottawa since the beginning of my internal medicine residency. Originally from Victoria, BC, I’m now very happy to call this wonderful city home. I’m a strong believer in striving for a balanced life, and when I’m not at the hospital love getting outside by running, cross country skiing or canoeing. Otherwise you’ll find me in my kitchen, baking sourdough and sweet treats.

    I’ve been a member of Ottawa PARO General Council for two years, and have witnessed first-hand how our local GC and PARO as a provincial organization improve the lives of residents on an individual and large-scale basis. I’ve been a strong voice for resident wellness by advocating for a fair PARO-OTH contract and ensuring programs adhere to our contract, as well as by engaging with PGME liaison committees and organizing both social and educational events.

    This past year alone, I organized several successful PARO events including the very popular Pottery Paint Night and inaugural Good Grief Café. The latter was a peer-to-peer discussion-based forum for residents to debrief the challenging experiences residency exposes us all to. I hope to host both events again this year, and to turn more of my ideas into reality.

    One of my greatest passions is creating systems changes: I believe our actions today should have a lasting impact for years to come. With this in mind, I have consistently been involved in leadership roles, such as Internal Medicine Lead Resident (formerly ‘Chief Resident’), CTU Task Force Chair and for the last 3 years the PGME CBME Resident Representative. I also completed the 2-year PARO Leadership Program to enhance my communication and team building skills. While on PARO GC, I have put my experience to good use by joining the Ottawa Special Projects Fund Team as well as the PGME Professionalism Committee, advocating for the resident perspective when trainees face professionalism complaints.

    In this final year of my training, I hope to continue serving you by building on my previous initiatives and network within PARO. I look forward to hearing what wellness means to each of you!

    Thank you,


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Dr. Ramtin Hakimjavadi

PGY-1 | Ottawa | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hey everyone!

    My name is Ramtin. I am a first-year resident in internal medicine, and I am running for PARO council to represent all uOttawa residents during upcoming events and negotiations.

    Why am I running?
    As a medical student and now junior resident, I have always been really lucky to have great resident mentors help me learn and grow. Their energy to help me through challenging cases or to teach at the end of the day (or middle of the night) was eye opening and inspiring. The silver, yellow, and orange colours on the lanyard became a symbol for passion, energy, and comradery. I want to advocate for residents because they do so much hidden work that isn’t recognized, and there is still a need for a voice to help us negotiate fair pay, hours, and quality-of-life perks.

    What are my goals?
    1.Advocate for point of care tools and products that facilitate patient care and teaching in the hospital

    2.More consistent funding for quality-of-life improvements including food and drinks for academic and social events

    3.Of course, for fair compensation given the tremendous effort that is spent consistently
    What are my qualifications?

    I have experience representing the student body for the institutions I attended all the way from high school, university, and medical school. I have experience advocating for vulnerable groups including multiple sclerosis and older adults living in minority language situations.

    We, as residents, are in fact a vulnerable group. From a mental and physical wellness perspective. I feel well equipped to continue bring attention and urgency to this idea.
    Who am I?
    To fill the space and let you know more about me, I went to medical school in uOttawa and I am beginning to love the city. I also love reading, running, writing, coffee, and my dog. I put Frank’s red-hot sauce on everything.

    I hope I can help carry the torch for the great work of my predecessors who wore the silver, orange, and yellow colours on their lanyards before me.

    Thanks for considering me as a candidate for PARO council,


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Dr. Onyinyechukwu Esenwa

PGY-1 | Ottawa | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    Hello everyone,

    My name is Onyinye. I am PGY-1 in Internal Medicine and I am pleased to be running as a candidate for the PARO General Council. As we have all embarked on this demanding yet rewarding journey of residency, I believe that our strength lies in our ability to come together and support one another. Being just 3 weeks into residency, I recognize that I have a lot to learn, but that is why I am committed to listening and representing the unique and diverse perspectives we all have to bring.

    During my medical school at the University of Toronto, I had the honour of serving as one of the mentorship leads of the Black Medical Student Association. In this role, I solicited input on what the student body needed. In response to this, I organized events that fostered stronger relationships among the student members. I also planned career nights that increased student exposure to potential mentors and career opportunities. I realize that residency can sometimes feel isolating, but together, we can build a community that not only addresses our challenges but also celebrates our achievements.

    Outside of medicine, I love anything that gets me physically active- some of my favourites being cycling (in the summer/fall only, as I do not possess the superpower of winter cycling), basketball, laser tag and a good arcade. I also enjoy board games and movie nights.

    As your General Council representative, I will be a visible and approachable advocate for all of you. I will bring your ideas and concerns forward, ensuring our collective voices and experiences drive the meaningful initiatives we pursue. Initiatives that optimize our training and working conditions, build a stronger sense of community and will support both current residents and those who will follow in our footsteps.

    Let’s collaborate to make our residency experience not just bearable, but truly enriching.

    Thank you for considering me as your representative!

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Dr. Ali Vedadi

PGY-4 | Ottawa | Int.Med-Gastroenterology

  • Bio
    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Ali and I have had the pleasure of being part of the Ottawa PARO General Council for the past 2 years.

    In the past 2 years we have been able to advocate for fair wages for our residents, with the recent increase in salaries and call stipends, increased benefits for residents (increased funds for physiotherapy, massages, therapy), in order to further improve mental health and wellness. I hope to continue to fight for increased wages and benefits for residents in the upcoming year with negotiations ongoing with the government.

    We have been able to coordinate multiple social activities to continue to create a warm and welcoming environment at uOttawa. These events include games nights, pub nights, yoga sessions, and many other events. I hope to continue helping our team to arrange these events and to improve wellness among all residents.

    Through PARO, I have had the benefit of sitting on multiple committees, including Faculty Council and the Post-Graduate Education Committee where we have been able to advocate for resident mental health and increased resources for residents who are struggling through uOttawa. I hope to continue our work in improving access to resources over the coming year.

    It would be a pleasure to continue working for all residents at uOttawa on the General Council, advocating for increased wages, benefits, and social events to improve resident wellness and health.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Ali Vedadi

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Dr. Sangitha Mensingh

PGY-3 | Ottawa | Emergency Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi, I’m Sangitha, one of the R3s from the Emergency Program. I am very excited to be applying to represent all of you! Residency is full of challenges and can be very isolating. PARO is a wonderful resource, and my goal is to make all the ways PARO can advocate for you more accessible.

    I have a love for event planning and served as one of the wellness representatives for our ER program last year. In that role, I gained experience planning events and advocating for the wellness of our residents at the department level. Our wellness team successfully advocated for access to food after hours and rolled out a new snack program, securing funding to continue the program after a successful pilot. Through PARO, I would like to continue advocating for access to healthy food options. I will also continue to explore fatigue management strategies and clarifying policies surrounding this. I also have experience collaborating with wellness representatives across programs to address wellness issues on a larger scale.

    I am very passionate about advocating for marginalized residents and ensuring these groups, along with all residents, are supported throughout residency. I am looking forward to representing all of you and continuing to improve resident awareness of their rights (such as what you are entitled to for vacation and leave) and resources available to help improve your residency experience!