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Electoral Group : Ottawa CFPC | Positions : 3 | Currently Running : 1

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Dr. Anika Atique

PGY-1 | Ottawa | Family Medicine

  • Bio
    Hi everyone! My name is Anika Atique, PGY-1 Family Medicine. I'm originally from Bangladesh but moved to Montreal, Canada in 2013 for my undergraduate degree. I am very passionate about leadership and bringing forward changes that I hear others around me express. Throughout my academic career so far I have always taken part in student councils, as I strongly believe it provides a great platform to initiate action and bring forth change. So far I been part of academic councils, sponsorship councils but my favourite role is being a wellness representative. Student and resident well-being is the foundation of what makes happy and successful doctors, in my humble opinion, and I hope to represent my colleagues on the PARO council, one of the strongest resident unions, to bring forth their concerns and suggestions and find the best possible solution. As well as to ensure the mandates in the PARO contract are being upheld.
    Outside of work I enjoy table-top gaming including DnD, minipainting, movies and food! :)
    I am always happy to chat, no matter the time of day. Share a coffee in silence if that's what you need or talk about any difficult experiences you've had. Please feel free to say hi in the hallways!