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Electoral Group : NOSM East | Positions : 2 | Currently Running : 2

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Dr. Pooya Dibajnia

PGY-3 | NOSM | Int.Med-General

  • Bio
    My name is Pooya Dibajnia and I am running to represent you on PARO. I believe that my previous leadership experience as PARO GC Site Chair for NOSM in 2020-2021 has given me the experience to advocate for your education and wellbeing.

    Here are some of the accomplishments that last year’s team achieved:
    • Collaborated with the Postgraduate office and RDoC to hold a resident workshop in preparation for accreditation in Nov 2021
    • Despite pandemic restrictions, leveraged the power of Zoom and hosted a number of virtual events for residents, both within NOSM and in collaboration with other Ontario universities. (P.S. virtual escape rooms are the perfect blend of thrill and post-call laziness :-P)
    • At distributed sites outside of Sudbury, conducted a call room review which identified a number of deficiencies and acted to make improvements.
    • Supported initiatives to provide snacks to be available overnight at several hospitals.
    • Collaborated with the Wellness Office to implement NOSM’s first policy supporting breastfeeding residents

    If re-elected, my goals for the upcoming year are:
    • Continue collaboration with PGME office to help residents from all programs prepare for accreditation in 2021 so that every program can receive the feedback they need to be able to train the most AMAZING physicians in Northern Ontario!
    • Foster a sense of community -- something that is much needed in isolating pandemic times -- through FUN social events (hopefully in-person as restrictions are lifted!)
    • Continue support for distributed sites through funding for snacks, social events, and relentlessly advocate for a DEDICATED resident call room for the Timmins hospital (a deficiency identified as a result of the team’s survey last year)

    My drive for this position is ultimately to be a source of support, resource and advocate for all residents. I hope you can put your trust in me and VOTE for POOYA!

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Dr. Maegan Stuart

PGY-2 | NOSM | Psychiatry

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    Hello everyone! My name is Maegan Stuart and I am a PGY2 in Psychiatry in Sault Ste Marie. I am running for this position as I am passionate about leadership and organizing events. I have other leadership experiences including being the current representative of the psychiatry residents at NOSM. I am hoping to participate in this role in order to better serve all residents!