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Electoral Group : McMaster RCPSC | Positions : 14 | Currently Running : 21

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Dr. Anahita Dehmoobad Sharifabadi

PGY-3 | McMaster | Paediatrics

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    Hey McMaster residents! My name is Ana, I’m a pediatrics PGY3 resident and I’m running for PARO GC (yes, again…). I have now been on PARO for 2 years and have been involved in and led a number of initiatives to advocate for our residents. I have been involved in various committees previously including the postgraduate medical education, HHS medical education and the professionalism committees. I continue to advocate for learner spaces including call room standards and availability of call rooms. This year, I also took on the Transition into Residency lead where I provided the IMG Touchstone talks and organized the PARO PGY1 Welcome Social! I have also been the PARO lead for the Trainees with Children group and continue to advocate for our learners who are parents.

    With that said, probably my biggest role in PARO has been advocating for individual learners one on one. For those of you that know me, you know I can be reached at any time regarding PARO related questions and will go to great lengths to find you answers.

    Moving forward, my goal is to continue to advocate for your rights both locally and at a provincial level. I will keep you in the loop when it comes to our contract negotiations and I will continue to be your point person when it comes to contract questions/ideas for improvement. By being involved in our hospital education committees, I will continue to vouch for your rights when it comes to specialty transfers (being a transfer myself), mandatory additional hospital training (ensuring you get your stipends and lieu days), call rooms, and learner spaces. Lastly, one of my personal projects is to organize a McMaster resident gala or a large inter-specialty year end event in addition to many smaller social events.

    Thank you so much for considering!

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Dr. Sami Adham

PGY-4 | McMaster | Diagnostic Radiology

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm Sami (he/him) and I am a PGY4 Diagnostic Radiology resident. I am very excited to be running to be one of your PARO General Council representatives for the 2024/2025 year. Residency is a very unique journey in so many ways. I believe the thing that makes it special are the people you meet and the relationships you foster along the way. Outside of work, I love to run, play volleyball, soccer, and explore new cafes. As a born and raised Hamiltonian, I look forward to working to organize events across the city that bring residents together to remind us all to take a step back and remember to have fun! One thing I intend to do is to gather feedback to tailor events so that they are inclusive and based on resident interest.

    I am running to be a PARO General Council Representative because of the amazing work of my peers who have served and continue to serve on the PARO council. I would love to be a part of such an amazing group of people who do great work and advocate for residents to ensure that they are well-represented and supported through their training. Those of you who know me, know that I am a passionate and outspoken person. You can count on me to engage with PARO and relevant stakeholders to represent resident interests and concerns, whatever they may be. I firmly believe in candor and openness in representation. And so, if I have the privelege of serving you on the PARO general council, I intend to be accessible for any and all of your questions and concerns.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to working with all of you!


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Dr. Tharsini Sivananthajothy

PGY-2 | McMaster | Emergency Medicine

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Tharsini Sivananthajothy and I’m a PGY-2 Emergency Medicine resident. I am excited to put my name forward for PARO General Council and represent McMaster residents at Council, PGME and local committees. Whether it be advocating for food options at St. Joes past 10pm, or advocating for learning to be prioritized on service-heavy rotations, my approach will always be learner-first.

    Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have been heavily involved with advocacy, from students’ unions to the highest decision-making bodies such as the University of Toronto’s Governing Council. Learning from these roles, along with experience as a former public policy professional, I have gained a myriad of skills in advocacy, policy development, project management, and negotiation all the while collaborating with stakeholders with varying priorities – all of which I hope to bring to the table as your representative.

    During medical school, I served in several leadership positions including Vice President Community and Global Health for the Calgary Medical Students’ Association. I collaborated with a national team of medical students to co-organize a grassroots initiative addressing anti-Indigenous racism within the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS). I worked closely with Indigenous peers, ensuring Indigenous voices, experiences and recommendations were at the forefront of change. I co-led and participated in numerous consultations with learners and medical students’ association across the country, answering questions, providing status updates, and liaising between organizations. The collaborative success of the initiative was evident when the Calls to Action was endorsed by over 1200 medical learners, leading to structural changes.

    Although the hats I have worn have been different, my values have continued to be the same: ensuring there is strong representation for diverse learner concerns, perspectives and voices & advocating for safe and anti-oppressive spaces for all learners to thrive (not just survive). If elected, I look forward to doing the same and representing you at Council.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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Dr. Gift Madojemu

PGY-3 | McMaster | Psychiatry

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    Aloha everyone! (in the spirit of summer, love, and vacation dreams 😊)

    My name is Gift! I'm a PGY3 Psychiatry resident. I would love to serve our McMaster resident body on PARO GC. As a resident at McMaster, I have made great connections across programs which lead me to say, I’m a lucky gal and feel quite blessed to one of you! The opportunity to serve, represent and advocate for matters that are important to us, is one I’d feel privileged to hold.

    Now that my enthusiasm & excitement have been conveyed, what experience do I have that should make you confident I’m a good fit for the role. Glad you asked! 😊 From being the head of student council in my undergraduate days, liaising with university administrators for matters that affected our students such as accommodation & timely medical services for on-campus residents, to being co-president of Black Medical Students Association of Canada, SK chapter, in that role, developing calls-to-action, disseminating nationally & holding our local university accountable to our recommendations for adequate representation in the admission process, I have consistently listened to the group I represent & broach difficult conversations with stakeholders in respectful and efficient ways. Also as past president of the Saskatchewan Coalition for Tobacco Reduction and Project Coordinator on a Treaty 6 mental health & addictions project, I’ve had the privilege to navigate policy making and grassroot advocacy on national, provincial and Indigenous landscape.

    What’s life without fun! I’m big on wellness, relationships and taking a break! (That's the psychiatrist in me). Since joining McMaster, I’ve connected with Black learners to host socials. I serve as a resident liaison for national & provincial organizations representing Black residents with a goal to provide support. I look forward to extending the spirit of ubuntu across all programs, across our beautifully diverse populations to create avenues for socials, fun and relaxation. Got a fun idea, I’m here to work to bring it into reality!

    I hope you enjoyed my little narrative. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you!

    Thanks for your kind consideration.

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Dr. Meredith Poole

PGY-4 | McMaster | Surgery-General

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Meredith, I’m a 4th year General Surgery resident. I was a general council member on PARO for the past two years and would love the opportunity to represent you all on PARO again!

    Surgical residents have historically been underrepresented on PARO, and as some of the residents who work the highest hours and utilize hospital resources the most, I’ve been passionate about having our voice heard. Further, many PARO rules/regulations have a unique lens through surgical training (call, vacation, compensation), that I have worked on bringing forward during my time on PARO.

    Specifically, one of the things I have focused on with PARO has been optimizing hospital spaces for residents. In addition to our entire general council working to audit and improve all call rooms across all McMaster hospital sites, I successfully applied for a Resident Enhancement Fund and worked with hospital administration to secure and renovate an official general surgery lounge space at Joe’s and am currently working on doing this now at HGH. I have also been on the Liaison Committee at Joe’s to help ensure that residents have a voice during all hospital processes. This upcoming year I hope to continue to work to ensure our work spaces not only have all of the equipment we need to do our jobs, but are also comfortable and welcoming spaces as many of us spend more time in the hospital than at home!

    Thank you so much for considering me for council again this year! For the upcoming year I hope to continue the work I have started already and also be able to hit the ground running as I have the experience and knowledge of what PARO entails and what PARO can do for all of you!

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Dr. Jason Wang

PGY-1 | McMaster | Emergency Medicine

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Jason and I’m a PGY1 Emergency Medicine resident looking to represent your best interests on the PARO General Council this year. I’m sure you have a lot of election blurbs to read through (and notes to dictate?) so I’ll try and be pointed.

    Although I’m at the beginning of my residency journey, I am no stranger to advocacy. As a member of McMaster’s Medical Student Council, I spearheaded the reintroduction of in-person programming coming out of the pandemic. This included having 1-on-1 check-ins with classmates and hosting numerous town halls to hear feedback, then working with program admin, Student Affairs, and the McMaster Student Union to translate these ideas into realizable objectives. In the end, we safely reintroduced semi-formals, welcome-week events, career nights, and clinical skills workshops in a streamlined manner, to the benefit of 600+ students. Outside of this role, I also worked closely with UGME to deliver numerous other initiatives (transition-to-clinicals workshops, OSCE review sessions, and POCUS teaching) to students based on prior feedback around learning gaps in our curriculum. As a PARO GC member, I aim to work with relevant stakeholders to similarly channel your feedback into social programming, contract/benefits optimizations, and improving the learning environment on rotations.

    I held a number of other advocacy roles like these even prior to medical school - I hope these experiences not only support my candidacy, but also highlight that community engagement is something I’m genuinely excited about. I’m an extrovert at heart, and through our conversations (and rare email blasts probably… sorry) intend to foster a culture of transparency and accountability between you and your PARO team.

    So shoot me that last minute message about how your benefits apply to X situation, or about that part of the contract you just heard about from your co-resident. My pledge to you is that there will be a human on the other end receiving it who cares about what you have to say, will ensure you’re treated fairly, and will go to bat for you to make sure your voice is heard.

    Thank you kindly for your consideration,


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Dr. April Liu

PGY-4 | McMaster | Anaesthesia

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    Hi friends and colleagues,

    My name is April! I am a PGY4 in anesthesia and I am running for re-election to the PARO general council. Having had the opportunity to be part of the council for the past three years, I would love to continue representing your voice this year!

    Within medical education, my passion is promoting learning wellbeing. Thus, I have been involved in various advocacy initiatives at both a local and national level in this regard. From organizing wellness events as part of the McMaster Wellness Committee to leading the creation of a Canadian Federation of Medical Students position paper outlining the key principles in building a health promoting environment, I have gained a wealth of experience advocating for my peers, seeking feedback, and implementing change.

    For the past three years, as a PARO general council representative, I served as the liaison between PARO and the Post Graduate Education Committee, bringing up resident concerns and advocating for our needs to Dr. Wasi and the PDs of our programs. This included issues such as call room availabilities, resident call scheduling, and overnight support from staff physicians. This past year, I also served as the PARO liaison to the Learner Advisory Committee for the Toronto Metropolitan University medical school, allowing me the opportunity to advocate for the needs of incoming medical learners.

    If given the opportunity to serve as one of your general council members this upcoming year, I promise to be your personal advocate, an accessible source of information, and whatever else you need on our journey through residency together. I hope to be able to work with the rest of the PARO team to make your wishes come to fruition and provide you with the resources you need for a successful and enjoyable year.

    Thank you for considering me!

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Dr. Moiz Hafeez

PGY-3 | McMaster | Diagnostic Radiology

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    Hi all!

    I am a 3rd year Diagnostic Radiology Resident. Prior to residency, I completed my undergraduate, graduate as well as medical training at the University of Calgary in Alberta. While in Alberta, I served as a student member on the Alberta Medical Association's Board of Directors, Senior VP External for the Calgary Medical Students' Association and also served as a member on the Alberta Medical Association Committee on Student Affairs for over three years.

    Through these roles I worked on various student engagement and advocacy efforts and successfully lobbied the Alberta government to implement the first opt-out organ and tissue donation program in Alberta's history. Engaging with local and national media, I have also written for major news outlets and helped lobby the medical student body in Alberta which led to the Alberta government scrapping bill 21. This controversial bill proposed geographic and speciality practice restrictions on new physicians in the province.

    I am passionate about student engagement and advocacy and deeply care about social accountability and student mistreatment. Through the PARO General Councul role, I look forward to continuing to advocate on behalf of my fellow resident colleagues and ensure that matters important to us are brought to the table. Especially in today's challenging environment where demands for our time are rising with climbing patient volumes, I look forward to representing and ensuring residents get a fair deal during the new contract negotiations. A deal which helps empower us to receive the best possible training while continuing to provide the best care to the community that we serve!

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Dr. Ian Jones

PGY-4 | McMaster | Emergency Medicine

  • Bio
    Dear Fellow Residents,

    For those of you who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Ian and I am a PGY 4 Emergency Medicine resident running for re-election to your General Council! Over the past two years we have had many successes that I am so excited to have been a part of. I have had a significant focus advocating for improved access to healthy food for residents, especially on call. This has led to implementation of more healthy food vending options both in Hamilton and regionally. This advocacy has been significant with both PGME and the hospitals, and we are so excited to now see that resident concerns are being considered with the opening of a new 24/7 café at the Juravinski.

    Other areas of successful advocacy on your behalf have been improved call rooms. This has led to many tangible improvements, including having them immediately address safety concerns for residents such as exposed wiring in one of the HGH call rooms, and completely replacing a toilet that was coming loose with flooding potential just to name some instances.

    In my role as the Resident Enhancement Fund Lead I have been thrilled to support your proposals for improvements to your resident lounges and workspaces, securing over $40,000 in funds for furniture, coffee machines, and learning tools these last two years. I have also been passionate about ensuring that residents come together and form close connections. I have hosted board game socials and cooking classes, and also helped develop the new resident orientation to welcome to residents to McMaster.

    Despite these many successes, there is still much work to be done! Call rooms still have a long way to go before they are comfortable, not just functional, and this is something I will continue to advocate for! Every year there are significant concerns that arise with call scheduling, mistreatment, and workplace issues, and based on my record you know I will advocate for you vigorously in these situations. Finally, I look forward to ensuring your concerns are heard by leadership at PARO, so they can be best used in discussions with partners such as the CPSO, Royal College, and our employers.

    Thank you,


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Dr. Emma McDermott

PGY-2 | McMaster | Public Health & Preventive Medicine

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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Emma McDermott and I am a PGY-2 in Public Health and Preventative Medicine with integrated Family Medicine here at McMaster. I'm originally from PEI, but I've really enjoyed my last year in Hamilton, and looking forward to many more!

    I'm a big fan of being able to choose your own adventure in residency, so we can all reach our individual career goals, and learner wellness, and will always advocate in support of these. I'm a social butterfly, who loves chatting with people, and minorly obsessed with my colour coded google calendar (which I hope showcases my organizational and time management skills). I've read the PARO contract in full more times than I care to admit, and would love to play a role in advocating for residents in future negotiations.

    Throughout my time in medical school, I enjoyed being involved in multiple student leadership positions to help foster community, from working with Student Affairs to design a novel workshop to improve class culture, to being elected the Vice President Internal for the Dalhousie Medical Student Society, where I was responsible for planning both large events and smaller scale wellness activities. I've also joined committees here at McMaster, like the PGME Sustainable Healthcare Committee, and started hosting a podcast about physician leadership in medicine.

    From an advocacy side, I have experience on the local and provincial levels advocating for creating low carbon sustainable health care systems and working towards a healthier future for all (no surprise I’m a public health resident eh?).

    If elected, I promise to be available to answer questions and help direct you to all the resources you might need. I’m a passionate individual and I’m committed to supporting a strong sense of community in residency and excited to work with a great team to represent you all on the local and provincial level!

    Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me and I hope we have a chance to chat soon!

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Dr. Patrick Yao

PGY-1 | McMaster | Physical Medicine and Rehab.

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    Hey guys, my name is Patrick, and I am one of the PGY-1s in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation this year. One of the most exciting things about starting residency is the opportunity to connect with new people, and through PARO’s Welcome Social, I realized that being involved here would be a very fun way to do so. I’ve always enjoyed representing others, being a go to for helping others, and being a leader. My past experiences range from serving as branch director for a social service agency concerning mental health issues to founding the national sports association for walking soccer, advocating for accessible sport for older adults and those with physical disabilities. My involvement in these activities has always gone a long way in fulfilling my passion for being an advocate for the underrepresented and the marginalized. Now, I am eager to transfer that same energy and the skills I have amassed to serve as a spokesperson for the residents of McMaster.

    As a new R1, I understand how confusing it can be to navigate our contracts and the benefits of being a PARO member. I also recognize the importance of advocating for us as we adapt to new responsibilities. For this reason, among other objectives, a specific goal of mine for being involved in PARO this year is to support newcomers to McMaster and residency through this sensitive period. Whether championing initiatives for residents or optimizing our communication, my intention is to improve the accessibility of what PARO provides and how it facilitates our journeys through residency.

    If you ever see me around the hospitals, chilling at a board game cafe, or darting (or walking) around on a soccer field, please say hi and have a chat! Feedback is everything for representation, and I will make it a priority to both be available for conversation and actively look for ways to engage our community. Thank you for your consideration; it would be my honor to represent.


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Dr. Alexandra Nieuwesteeg

PGY-4 | McMaster | Paediatrics

  • Bio
    Hi everyone! My name's Ally Nieuwesteeg and I'm a PGY4 Pediatrics Resident running for a position on the McMaster PARO General Council for the 2024-2025 year.

    Throughout medical school and residency, I have held numerous leadership roles which have helped equip me with the skills necessary to be a strong advocate for residents. My experience has honed my ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, and drive positive change, and I am deeply passionate about finding innovative ways to enhance residency programs and ensuring that all residents have the support, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed both personally and professionally.

    If elected, one of my main objectives would be finding ways to improve the process for compassionate/personal leave and finding ways to streamline this process across all programs. Understanding first-hand the challenges residents face during times of personal crisis, I am committed to advocating for more comprehensive leave policies and ensuring that residents have sufficient time and support to manage these situations without the additional burden of their professional duties, and that there is a system in place that is consistent and allows for this.

    I also aim to focus on finding ways to further support residents studying for their Royal College examinations. Preparing for these exams is both stressful and challenging, and I am dedicated to helping find ways to ensure optimal success for residents while minimizing additional burdens where possible. I plan to work on improving access to all essential study materials and resources, ensuring that residents have everything they need for effective preparation. Additionally, I will advocate to ensure residents are allotted appropriate time off/call protection for exam preparation to allow for adequate preparation and to help alleviate some stress during the lead up to their examinations.

    Above all, if I am elected, I will ensure these 3 things: My door will always be open for anyone to contact me, I will always provide an ear to listen, and I will be a strong voice at the table for residents.

    Thank you kindly for your consideration :)

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Dr. Vivian Huang

PGY-3 | McMaster | Physical Medicine and Rehab.

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    Dear fellow residents!

    My name is Vivian, a PGY3 in PM&R, and I am running to be a member of your General Council! If I’m not at the Regional Rehab Centre you can find me on a run/trail or catching up on the latest A24 movie.

    I have always been a huge proponent of wellness and accessibility ever since my undergrad years, empowering learner well-being as a Wellness Peer Coach by supporting my peers’ physical, mental, and social health. In medical school, I was the Sponsorship Executive of the Wellness Initiative Network at UBC, obtaining funding for projects aiming to bolster student wellness, including our annual charity Run for Rural Medicine and an Indigenous Health workshop.

    I am also co-chief of the PM&R program this year, continuously building up my involvement in resident leadership and advocacy. Some of these include: optimizing learning environments in off-service and core blocks as a member of the Resident Planning Committee; facilitating a more focused collaboration between residents, academic coaches, and the Competency Committee that fosters a more vigorous academic and professional support system; and developing the presence of QI in our program and facilitating an initiative on our stroke inpatient ward to the national level. These positions have equipped me with the skills to connect with residents and stakeholders, integrate feedback and concerns, and create solutions that provide meaningful changes. This is what I plan to also bring to the greater resident community at McMaster.

    My goals this year include ensuring our rights as residents are upheld and advocating for fair compensation and protected time within our contracts. I will work towards a more accessible mental health infrastructure for residents, as well as improved support and accommodations for those going through illness, parental leave, or other personal issues. And I am excited to bring more ideas to the table for wellness-based events, for us all to connect and unwind together.

    I hope to represent you on a local and provincial level and to work towards a residency experience that is fulfilling on an educational, professional, and personal level. Thank you!

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Dr. Megan Chu

PGY-2 | McMaster | Anaesthesia

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Megan, and I am currently a PGY3 anesthesia resident. I am running to be one of your PARO representatives and am eager to contribute my energy, ideas, and experiences to McMaster. I am passionate about resident wellness and dedicated to advocating for initiatives that prioritize our well-being. Addressing resident wellness requires listening to the community and advocating for policies and areas that are important to us. I aim to serve as a spokesperson for residents, championing ideas and changes that matter to our community.

    As someone who thoroughly enjoys planning and prides herself on being a meticulous Type A organizer, I am excited about arranging activities that offer opportunities to explore various new pursuits in Hamilton within fun social settings. Imagine axe throwing, pilates classes, cooking sessions, and more! Through my diverse roles over the years, I have gained valuable experience organizing a range of events, from leading a week-long trip with Habitat for Humanity to coordinating donation drives for homeless shelters in Hamilton.

    A little bit about me! In my free time, I'm often playing tennis, spending time with my furry friends (4 cats + 1 dog equals lots of cuddles but pet hair everywhere), or exploring new restaurants in Hamilton. If you ever need recommendations for the best tennis courts, pet-friendly hiking trails, or summer patios, feel free to ask!

    Thank you all so much for your consideration!

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Dr. Jonathan Wu

PGY-1 | McMaster | Anaesthesia

  • Bio
    Hello everyone!

    My name is Jonathan, and I am one of the PGY-1 residents in Anesthesiology. I am excited to run for a position on the PARO General Council this year because I want to support each of you, as my fellow residents, through your unique residency journeys.

    Prior to residency, I enjoyed advocating for my peers and promoting mentorship and wellness. During medical school, I represented the McMaster Medicine c2024 class on the Graduation Committee, where I liaised with the administration, Student Council, vendors, sponsors, and the class to plan and host the 1000+ attendee Oath Ceremony, listening to and acting on feedback to optimize the graduation experience. I also served as a Clerk2Clerk Specialty Representative for Anesthesia, coordinating the mentorship between senior and junior clerks and coalescing tips for clerkship from myself and peers into updating the Clerkship Survival Guide to benefit the learning and wellness of future clerks. I seek to call upon these experiences as a PARO member to amplify resident voices and transform them into action.

    As a new resident, I can also offer a fresh perspective on different issues, engineering solutions through discussions and collaboration with the rest of the PARO team. Areas that I want to advocate for include enhancing learner rest and call room spaces, securing resident funding for health and wellness initiatives (group fitness anyone?), increasing salary and call stipends during contract negotiations, and gaining more support and protections for taking leaves, regardless of reason, during residency. I also want to be involved in planning more social events for all residents across specialties to meet each other, embrace our diversity, and enhance camaraderie in and outside of the clinical environment.

    Whether you find me in the ORs, on the badminton courts, or at a new Hamilton food spot, I promise to always offer a warm smile and listening ear, communicating clearly and transparently to advocate for resident interests. Thank you for your consideration and hope to work with and represent everyone soon!


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Dr. Rishi Sharma

PGY-4 | McMaster | Anaesthesia

  • Bio
    Hi everyone,

    Nice to meet you all, my name is Rishi and I’m a PGY5 in Anesthesiology at Mac. It is with great pleasure that I seek your re-election to PARO General Council.

    I’ve had the immense pleasure of serving on McMaster’s GC for the past 3 years, taking on various leadership roles such as site chair & social lead. I have advocated for residents on numerous committees & working groups, such as PGEC, HHS MEC, HHS Professionalism Committee and more. During my role as site chair this year, I’ve worked closely with PGME & hospital leadership to advocate for residents. Some of these accomplishments include:

    * Creation of a resident-led task force to address issues highlighted from accreditation
    * Revamping call room spaces through furniture upgrades & renovations
    * Collaborating on resident lounge space renovations across all sites
    * Improving access to food/drink 24/7 at each hospital site, working on our last site
    * Developing learner mistreatment policies & reporting pathways in partnership with OLEM
    * Protecting resident moonlighting opportunities and extra-curricular clinical work

    As social lead, I had the privilege of overseeing various events to foster a sense of community at Mac and helped get our amazing PGY1 Welcome Social launched. Some of these events included pottery night, trivia at local breweries, hikes around Hamilton, yoga classes, and more.

    My passion for PARO lies in my desire to ensure every resident at Mac has a positive & productive experience during their training. Residency can be gruelling and my goal is to be your representative on PARO to hear your concerns, work to address them and ensure you feel supported. You can rely on me to be a fierce advocate and solution-oriented.

    If elected my goals are to collaborate with PARO provincially to advocate for improved wages & benefits during contract negotiations, ensure call rooms are up to standard (there’s always room for improvement), continue our work on food/drink access at all sites, streamline reporting mechanisms for resident mistreatment and incorporating EDI principles in our policies.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you in person!


    Rishi Sharma

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Dr. Tania Kazi

PGY-1 | McMaster | Surgery-General

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!!

    My name is Tania Kazi and I am a PGY1 General Surgery resident at McMaster. I am excited to be running for a position on the 2024-2025 PARO General Council.

    Though I am a first-year resident, I am no stranger to PARO's inner workings. Having recently attended a PARO Full Council General Meeting as a medical student representative, I have gained a deep understanding of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, furthering my resolve to join the team as a resident.

    My previous roles, including working with the UGME Professionalism Committee at McMaster, have equipped me with the skills to advocate for my peers and collaborate effectively to ensure their voices are heard. As a first-year resident, I am also in a unique position to champion long-term changes that will enhance the residency experience for current and future residents. I plan to achieve these changes by maintaining open lines of communication within the McMaster PGME community and fostering a supportive and uplifting environment for all.

    Finally, I am very passionate about addressing financial toxicity and wellness in residency, as I have extensively explored these topics through my personal advocacy efforts and research. One of my primary goals as a General Council member will be to turn these passions into concrete advocacy efforts aimed at improving resident benefits, alleviating financial strain, enhancing mental/physical wellness, and beyond.

    Thank you for your consideration. I hope to represent you all on the General Council! :)

    Warm regards,

    Tania Kazi

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Dr. Gurinder Sandhu

PGY-3 | McMaster | Emergency Medicine

  • Bio
    Hello everyone!

    My name is Gurinder Sandhu (he/him) and I'm a PGY-3 Emergency Medicine resident at McMaster University. I am enthusiastically putting myself forward to represent you on the PARO General Council. When I'm not consulting your service (sorry!), you can find me riding my bike, advocating for sustainability and active transportation or on a cafe crawl.

    As the co-founder of The Drive Side Foundation, a not-for-profit aiming to reduce barriers and improve accessibility to cycling for everyone, I recognize that solutions to systemic problems require systemic solutions. I will work tirelessly to make your residency experience healthier and more sustainable. I commit to advocating for improved access to fresh and healthy food at all hospital sites, improved access to active & sustainable transportation and improved resident spaces, like call rooms. I aim to make the healthy option the easiest option - so you can focus on your patients and what matters to you most.

    As your representative, I will work tirelessly to create a meaningful sense of community for all residents - a community that makes space for you. As the co-founder of The Drive Side Foundation, I have been incredibly fortunate to build a community of thousands of like-minded cyclists and organized group social rides that attract hundreds of cyclists each. I recognize that we all have different interests and needs throughout residency and as your representative, I will advocate for a wider array of social activities and groups, so that no matter your interest, you will be connected to residents that share your passion.

    Residents know residents best. As a project manager in the resident-led curriculum development incubator at McMaster Emergency Medicine, I have seen the power of residents to shape their education and professional lives. I will employ a systematic approach to idea generation, development and implementation to ensure that your ideas make it across the finish line. As with any effective iterative process, I will maintain an open dialogue with the community to refine our ideas.

    Thank you for your time and consideration! I look forward to representing you.

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Dr. Vivian Chen

PGY-2 | McMaster | Paediatrics

  • Bio
    Hi everyone! My name is Vivian Chen, and I am a PGY2 Pediatrics resident. I would love the opportunity to serve as one of your PARO GC representatives this year! I truly believe that this role begins with actively seeking out your concerns and ideas. Whether it's through getting the chance to meet you during events, having regular check-ins with your program representatives and leads, or holding open office hours for one-on-one discussions, I am ready to listen and to get a plan in motion to ensure your needs are met.

    From discussing with peers about our shared experiences with navigating our transition to residency, here are a couple of initiatives I am particularly passionate about:

    Optimizing learner environments: I have been late to snag the last call room key and have seen enough unwelcome guests (like mice...) in hospital spaces to recognize the importance of continuing to advocate for our call rooms, lounges, and learner spaces. Furthermore, I hope to advocate for subsidized parking and ensuring safety in our hospital parking lots.

    Providing financial support: In the spirit of the incredible work that has been done already in negotiating our salary increase, I strive to continue to advocate for the compensation you deserve. Additionally, I hope to develop accessible financial literacy supports and resources to streamline managing our debt, taxes, future savings, and transition to practice.

    Prioritizing learner health: Helping you understand and navigate your benefits is only the beginning. I recognize that the real challenge lies in advocating for protected time to actually USE your benefits, such as ensuring sick days and leaves of absence are honored, and implementing protected half-days for personal use (so you can book your appointments for when offices are actually open). Moreover, I aim to provide resources to connect you with family physicians accepting patients and allied health professionals in your area.

    Most importantly, I am so excited to hear from you about the hopes you have for your residency experience, the obstacles that you have faced, and the ideas we create together moving forward! Thank you so much for your consideration.

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Dr. Kathy Wu

PGY-2 | McMaster | Surgery-General

  • Bio
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Kathy and I’m a 2nd year General Surgery resident. I am super excited to be running to be one of your PARO general council representatives for the 2024/2025 year! Throughout my first year of residency, I have hugely appreciated the role that PARO plays in advocating for our rights with everything from Grain and Grit social events, negotiating for critical salary increases/call stipends and the (very exciting) opening of a 24 hour café at Juravinski! I have personally seen the impact PARO can make and would be thrilled to be a part of that advocacy.

    Residency can be both a very rewarding and demanding period, where we face countless obstacles under difficult conditions. I strongly believe one of the best aspects of residency is the connections you make with your co-residents both in your specialty and outside your discipline. One of my aims as your representative would be to facilitate more opportunities for residents across all specialties to socialize outside of the clinical setting!

    Additionally, as a surgical resident, I recognize how this cohort has often been under-represented despite spending extensive periods on call. As a direct result of this time spent in hospital, I feel strongly about the impact that small adjustments and improvements to our daily lives can make. Being able to have safe spaces to leave belongings, functional AND comfortable call rooms and nutritious food are just some of the little things that can have a big impact; I hope to both ensure and improve our working conditions to help ease an already demanding residency!

    Though this would be my first time on this council, I have always been involved in similar endeavours. Having come from the corporate world, I have taken lead in organizing social events for over 200 participants, hosted networking events for incoming students and advocated for my cohort to receive an additional grant to travel to conferences. I hope to bring this expertise to represent residents through PARO!

    Excited to see what this year brings! If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading it all and thank you for your consideration!


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Dr. Saba Shahab

PGY-4 | McMaster | Int.Med-Cardiology

  • Bio
    Hi everyone,

    I am Saba, a PGY4 cardiology resident. I am excited to have the opportunity and privilege of applying to PARO once again. I have been a PARO GC member for the past two years in Ottawa and want to bring my experience to McMaster and learn about the issues faced by residents at McMaster. As a PARO General Council member this past year, I worked on providing better overnight call room facilities at the Queensway Carleton Hospital and to reduce overnight non-urgent pages for a better resident call experience and to reduce the risk of burnout. I was also involved with the Accreditation Committee and with the accreditation process in May 2024 in Ottawa. I have also participated in the Touchstone presentation this past year answering questions new IMGs have about life in Ottawa, and would like to continue to ensure that IMGs have a smooth transition into residency. I am passionate about resident wellness and resident experience and have worked on advocating for residents through my other roles as an internal medicine PGY year rep and chief, and would like to continue to affect positive change as a PARO General Council member next year. With negotiations happening this year for a new PARO-OTH agreement, my goals would be to advocate for higher salaries, better call coverage, and a better on call experience for residents. It would be a privilege to represent you this year as a PARO general council member.

    Thank you for your time and your vote!

    Saba Shahab