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Electoral Group : McMaster RCPSC | Positions : 14 | Currently Running : 4

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Dr. Sama Anvari

PGY-2 | McMaster | Int.Med-General

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Sama and I am a PGY2 Internal Medicine resident and current McMaster General Council Representative. I would be honored to represent you again as part of the PARO General Council this upcoming year. In my first year at PARO, I served as the Transition to Residency lead and helped facilitate a smooth transition for incoming residents through outreach and welcome activities. I know that residency can be incredibly challenging both physically and emotionally - particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic - and am passionate about advocating for residents and ensuring that all feel supported and safe in their learning environment. I am also a huge believer in the importance of feedback, and if given the opportunity to serve in this role again, I look forward to actively listening to the suggestions of my peers in order to enact meaningful changes that reflect our priorities.

    Thank you very much for your consideration!

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Dr. James Hotze

PGY-1 | McMaster | Emergency Medicine

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    My name is James and I am a PGY 1 in Emergency Medicine. I enjoy board games, hikes in the woods, and teaching my old cat (Sybil) new tricks.

    I also have a long history of advocating for medical learners in both formal and informal roles. During undergraduate medicine here at McMaster, I served on the Pre-Clerkship Committee, where I successfully lobbied for numerous improvements to our pre-clerkship curriculum, including increased training for faculty conducting Large Group Sessions, the maintenance of written feedback during Concept Application Exercises, and increased diversity in our tutorial cases.

    During our return to clerkship following COVID, I saw the struggles many of us were facing and worked with administration to make improvements. I led a small group of students in drafting and implementing improvements to our evaluation policy, which allowed us to focus our limited time on clinically relevant learning rather than NBME exams, while working with administrators to improve our scheduling despite restrictions to number of learners allowed to be present in the hospital.

    If I am fortunate enough to represent you at the PARO General Council, I look forward to continuing to listen to fellow learners’ concerns and push for meaningful changes that optimize resident learning and patient care.

    Thank you for considering me for PARO General Council!

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Dr. Aneesh Dhar

PGY-5 | McMaster | Radiation Oncology

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    My name is Aneesh Dhar, and I am a PGY5 resident in Radiation Oncology at McMaster. I enjoyed the experience representing residents at McMaster while on the PARO General Council last year and I hope to continue my advocacy work again for this year as well.

    Last year, I was able to advocate for resident wellness and safety on multiple occasions. I helped organize a virtual movie night at McMaster and a virtual book club with residents from McMaster, Toronto, and Ottawa. I successfully ran multiple “PARO Free Coffee/Tea/Beverage” events, which have been well received. My hope is to continue to expand these events in the coming year. I have taken part in a PARO review of lead shielding available to residents during fluoroscopic procedures at McMaster, after there were concerns made by some residents on the availability of this important PPE during their clinical duties. Overall, if elected, I will remain a dedicated and fierce resident advocate during my time on the PARO General Council.

    Additionally, I have previously worked on the RDoC Transition to Practice and Health Human Resources (TTP and HHR) and Virtual Care (VC) Project Teams, where I advocated for resources for final year residents who are transitioning to independent practice and for standards of educational opportunities for residents who are learning in a virtual environment. The TTP and HHR Project Team also worked on updating the Residency Profiles on the RDoC website, which is a highly used resource for both medical students and new residents. The connections I have made with residents in PARO and RDoC will allow me to efficiently work for residents in McMaster during this upcoming year.

    I hope you seriously consider me for the role of PARO representative during this election.


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Dr. Giuliana Guarna

PGY-3 | McMaster | Obstetrics/Gynecology

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Giuliana and I am a PGY3 in OBGyn. I would be honoured to represent you as part of the PARO General Council in the upcoming year.

    I know that residency is challenging physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have been dubbed the “wellness queen” by my colleagues and hope to bring that same advocacy to the PARO general council to help all residents do their best work. I was also the president of the Surgical Foundations program and successfully advocated for meaningful change within the program, including various wellness and academic initiatives.

    Additionally, in my previous life, I worked as the Vice President of the McMaster Students Union where I was responsible for advocating to provincial and federal governments on a range of issues, from student loan issues to mental health supports, and everything in between. This experience working on high level advocacy will be invaluable on the PARO general council should I be elected.

    At the end of the day, we are all strong, capable, and compassionate people that deserve a hardworking council dedicated to making life as a resident easier and more meaningful. I am confident I can play a role in making that happen for all of us

    Thank you for your consideration :)